Editor: Every day I read News-Herald and in particular the letters to the editor describing issues submitted by Democrats who continue to attack the Republican elected officials including our Supreme Court justices. My concern is since the takeover by the Democrats of the House, the Senate and the Presidency how are we doing as a nation.

We have seen the shutdown of the pipeline, the invasion of millions of illegals pouring across our open border, crime running ramp it in our major cities, let’s not forget the fiasco in Afghanistan, inflation on everything, a shortage of consumer products, and our ports backed up.

What really frightens me is the liberal Marxist attempting to turn our Nation into a banana republic with the introduction of legislation to nationalize our future elections. Not to mention an administration who leaders lie to the American people that everything is fine. Today’s editorial page written by Byron York is a case in point, he wrote, “the “For the Peoples Act” — in the House and the later “Freedom to Vote Act” in the Senate – that would throw out every state voter ID law in the country, that would legalize ballot harvesting” and I’ll stop here (please read the article). In essence, turn our nation into a banana republic where we have a Marxist government controlling every aspect of our life. Rather than deal with issues concerning everyday Americans this administration continues to inflict fear over Covid-19 with folks like Dr. Fauci. In addition, the illegals pouring across our open borders are receiving more attention than Americans who are fighting inflation caused by this administration.

It’s time for Americans of all political persuasions to decide; do we love America and the Freedoms we enjoyed before the liberal Marxists took over, or are you willing to give up our freedoms for a Banana Republic? I’m not, and I pray to God that most Americans agree with me.

Bob Feliciano

Lake Havasu City


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"We have seen the shutdown of the pipeline, the invasion of millions of illegals pouring across our open border, crime running ramp it in our major cities, let’s not forget the fiasco in Afghanistan, inflation on everything, a shortage of consumer products, and our ports backed up." Democrats don't see that. All's well in Utopia via their minds.


Bob Feliciano ... "I pray to God that most Americans agree with me." Your prayers might be answered by under-educated Americans, but educated Americans will just think you're ignorant... and rightfully so. Reducing the complexity of our issues to mindless political spin is what will turn us into a Banana Republic... If "right-wing"

rhetoric already hasn't. We'll find out in 2022.


When a liberal has no answer they just attack, so as a retired professor you are not worth my time.


civilcop... Actually liberals have lots of answers, but you have to begin the conversation with someone who is rational... "Marxist government controlling every aspect of our life" " inflict fear over Covid-19 with folks like Dr. Fauci." If you have suggestions on how to approach someone who obviously doesn't understand science, or the function of government, and continually demonstrates they haven't any interest in doing so. please let me know. Our issues are more complex, yet all I read on here is an abundance of letters to the editor that contain nothing more than insults and overblown accusations directed at liberals and Democrats. The same people, week after week literally double-down on their senseless and highly unproductive rhetoric. At some point, there is nothing left to say other than they are ignorant. For months I have tried to provide reasonable responses that explain the complexity of various issues, but all you get back is more mindless "right-wing" spin. So Mr. Retired Professor, the conversation has to begin with people who understand that Liberals and Democrats are at least half this nation. Their Americans too, they just think there is a different solution. Without objectivity all you have is ignorance. Something to think about.


Please provide me with some of your Liberals answers (facts not talking points) to the mess our country is in since your Democratic (also known as Marxist) party have taken control of our great nation.


civilcop... Did you read my comment? You're a Professor? A professor of what? Why provide answers, obviously your mind is already made up. "Democratic (also known as Marxist)" You just proved my point. Don't waste anymore of your time or mine.

Middle of the Road

"Under educated Americans"? And what constitutes and "under Educated Americna"? We only have government public schools, and teachers' unions to blame for "Under education". What a shameful think to say.


Middle of the Road... Please read my comment to civilcop... But in your case I will take the time to consider your comment. There are many aspects to be considered here as there are a number of ulterior motives that are feeding this anti-public school rhetoric. I'll just touch on a couple broadly. You claim that public schools and teachers union are the blame for "under-education." Is it under-education, or is it you don't agree with the curriculum because it has been reduced to political spin and that's why you have issues with public education? Have you ever considered the fact that many citizens despise having their tax dollars used to fund our public schools and that may be the part of problem as to why some claim there are issues in schools subject to government oversight ? Some think that turning over education to private enterprise will reduce cost, but it will likely only reduce the quality of education because of the profit motive. It will be subject to lobbyist, because where there is money to be made, there will be politicians who are all in because that's how campaigns get paid for. Have you considered that doing away with Public Schools may create a disparity? Only the wealthy will be able to afford the better private schools. Is that what we want for our nation's children? You want the best and the brightest to be teachers and they need to be compensated for their contributions to attract them. Unions help assure that. Those teachers also need to be open-minded individuals and not be dictated to by a school board that has an ulterior motive. Education cost money and instead of thinking of it as an investment in our future, many think of it as a burden. You want children to have available to them the best labs for learning, the best computers, and whatever else is needed to provide the best education to as many children as possible. It can't be based on if a school can be profitable or not. Public education is the best way to achieve this. Did you consider that the "right-wing" has been making every effort to undermine public schools because they want a curriculum that they think fits their narrative only. That's not education, that's brain washing, and they have the audacity to call others Communist. Consider their efforts nation-wide to take over school boards. That may fit their plan, but what about those that just want their children to receive a well rounded education, and not just in the ABCs, but in the liberal arts, in their ability to consider other perspectives and be capable of applying objectivity to whatever issues they face in life. Consider how the "right-wing" is using this overblown nonsense over CRT to make their case. Do some research and you will discover how its not even being taught, and even if it was in some places, do we as a society avoid discussing perspectives that make us feel uncomfortable? Every issue we face is much bigger than the spin that it is reduced to. That's always been my point, and for anyone to reduce our issues to political spin is just pure ignorance in my opinion It's probably getting near time for me to exit this board, as I've have lost my patience over the garbage that is spewed on here day after day. Just give what I said some thought.


"It's probably getting near time for me to exit this board, as I've have lost my patience over the garbage that is spewed on here day after day." You have said that before. But please reconsider as you, BB HG and RO provide us with too much humor.




All good posts on this page, sir. I am your biggest fan!



Middle of the Road

Great letter to the Editor!! With "Sedona" Bob's president in the tank, he's grasping at every straw!


Do you like America? Then thank a Democrat for:

Social Security;


Veterans Administration;

Civil Rights;

Women’s suffrage;

Affordable Care Act:

Peace Corps:

Minimum Wage:

Unemployment Insurance.


Don't forget



Jim Crow


Blazer... Instead of considering what SedonaBob has accurately provided, just deflect with BS, the standard "right-wing" approach to everything. Incidentally it was Johnson, a Democrat who signed the civil rights act. Fortunately at the time we had Republicans who has some ethics.... obviously that doesn't explain the last 30 years.

Too old for this

I have always heard that Civil Rights passed with zero Dem votes. Are you saying that your party actually supports equality? Who knew? As for giving them credit for the VA...I have had much better care when Conservatives ran the VA. Just sayin'


Too old for this... You're incapable of giving a Democrat credit for anything. Besides isn't the VA actually a socialist concept? Tax payers paying for the healthcare of veterans? I'm all for it. It's okay, I get it. Most 'right-wing" thinkers are all for socialism that directly benefits them.

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