Editor: As I’ve watched all the protests over the past months, and see what appear to be well coordinated activities around the country, I wonder who is paying for this? More importantly, why are democratically controlled communities not stopping the violence?

You see “Black Lives Matter” buses rolling to protests, and out of state activists being arrested at locations far from their homes. These are not concerned citizens joining together to express their frustrations about a particular social cause. It takes money to pull this off.

This post is neither pro or anti BLM, but if you want to know who pays for things, and the politics behind it, just follow the money. Visit the National BLM site where the landing page is branded the “Urgent Fund the Movement” page for BLM.

You think you might be donating to an actual BLM cause, but look deeper.

Click on the donation disclosure. The registered entity you are donating to is called ActBlue. Who is ActBlue?

ActBlue is an aggregator for donations for a multitude of left leaning causes. If you review their public filings you can see donations funding 14,820 Democratic candidates and causes in the 2018 election cycle.

Onto my point…

A review of filings on the Federal Election Commission website, as required by law, ActBlue reporting reflects $700 million in donated funds went to Democratic candidates in 2018.

In their disclosure documents it reports $2.031 billion given in 2019 for political causes. In 2020, $56 million individual donations! ActBlue has raised nearly $3 billion dollars since its inception!

Couldn’t that $3 billion have been spent on community programs such as Gang Diversion, Family Support, Job Training, Schools, Police training and accountability, homelessness? Anything other or better than political candidates on the left running for public office?

In short, this Movement has nothing to do with improving the lives of our black family members, neighbors, and friends. It is a dedicated fundraising machine for the Democratic Party. It’s about power, control, and funding candidates.

Brad Saunders

Lake Havasu City


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Objective Dialectic

"More importantly, why are democratically controlled communities not stopping the violence?" Hmmm... what about the republican run cities such as Miami or San Diego? Are they not subject to this scrutiny for the violent protests that have erupted in those cities as well? This isn't a matter of democrat/republican ran cities; it's simply a matter of large, metropolitan areas where large groups of people can gather. This is a national movement including both peaceful and radical protesters on both sides (both pro BLM and pro police), and tensions are boiling over in large areas where it is difficult to control large groups of people. It's as simple as that.


I have never in my life donated so much money for a general election. Thank you ActBlue for making it easy to get my money to the campaigns that will save America!


What did you donate? $5 or $10.


Oh fan, don't come here and embarrass yourself by admitting in your loser world $5 or $10 is a lot of money.


Way too much to give to Creep Joe.

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