Editor: In the Orchids & Onions section someone said they won’t work with a particular company because they support the police, and called them murderers. The men and women in our town who are police officers would do nothing than protect you 24/7, 365 days a year. Was what happened to George Floyd terrible? Yes.But at the same time doesn’t give anyone the right to burn a business down because your upset.They they didn’t kill George.

What’s ironic is that I saw a video where people were holding up signs saying “defund the police.” One of the idiots in the group threw a water bottle at a person driving by. The guy turned around and the first thing someone said was call the police.

Brian Peterson

Lake Havasu City


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To those who criticize the police you have no right to do so unless you have walked in their shoes. I have and at times it's not pretty.


True, there have been some documented cases police abuse of power, and “YES” one case is one case to many; however, these incidents are in the minority and certainly do not represent the conduct or integrity of the vast majority of dedicated law enforcement officers in this country!

I believe that regardless of the profession, there is always room for improvement, but as with so many other issues in this country we just can’t seem to get that proverbial pendulum to stop in the middle, instead we repeatedly swing to the extreme right or extreme left and police reform is a textbook example of that extremism.

Defunding police departments is the equivalent of throwing out the baby with the bath water!


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