Editor: A bedtime nursery rhyme for Republican children:

There once was a man from Nantucket,

Who's head was as empty as a bucket,

So he decided to run for President,

And try to become the White House resident,

But a man named Donald Trump kicked his rump

And became the President instead,

So you all can now sleep well in your bed.

Bruce Warner

Lake Havasu City


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Thank you Bruce! You have just taken 'Poet Laurette' away from one of our own, BM.


Who is "BM? and what is a "Poet Laurette?"


" Vince Gors Oct 14, 2020 12:17pm ... "...sayed hussan alqazwini." Can someone step up and translate that crap the fool posted? Thank you.

It is more than obvious he will be at the head of the line seeking mental health assistance when President Biden is sworn in and the entire trump family of grifters have been jailed.

And who is "big blob" and what more should he be asking for?

What is "reelcction?"

Vince Gors

Is that the best you GOT?

Come on Chump, put up or shut up. You asked who the Worst President in our Countries History was "Hanging" with. I gave you the Short list. The Good Thing, just like today interesting things continue to Unfold. hunter biden has to be one of the Biggest Losers of all time. He takes his PC with all the evidence of Sleepy joe and himself = NOT TELLING THE TRUTH. I believe there is another name for that, well he had a great teacher and his Administration was Infested with everything Evil and WRONG.

You and your Lap Puppy are going to take a "Brutal Beating' in under Three Weeks. The Silent Majority is soon to be Not Silent any longer.

I'll buy you a Beer so you can Cry In It.

The Hits are going to continue Chubby[smile]


Who the hell is "Chubby?" Each day you come up with another of these weird little voices that only you can hear. And still have not "clued us in" on al the big bad secrets you know about Preseint Obama


Who the hell is "Chubby" and who is his "Lap Puppy?" Each day you come up with another of these weird little voices that only you can hear. And still have not "clued us in" on al the big bad secrets you know about President Obama.

Oh and I don't drink so don't bother with the beer - drinking is as stupid a smoking.

And can you explain what "hits" you're talking about?


Now why would you want to teach the already, pathetic, loser children of ignorant Republicans such an error filled piece of trash? Oh, that's right, the last thing Republicans want is for their kids to be educated.

Vince Gors

Adults, accept reality and go on with life. People like you continue with mental breakdowns and become a danger to their families and Society.


HI! Good to see you whining as usual.

Just a quick question - on the 9th you posted the following, "Dawn, do you have a CLUE how obama used to "HANG" with? Please let me know if you don't and I'll Clue you in. We can then Compare notes on Who is an AMERICAN and who is a Radical,Scary,Dangerous Anti-America, who needs to be exterminated from our Society. Yes I did mean Exterminated. He is "TRASH" and I do hope you know the Real Deal on his Mate?"

I asked you to "clue" us all with the dirt you have on President Obama. When can we expect you to "clue" us in? We're waiting.

Vince Gors

Rev. jeremiah wright, frank marshall davis, charles ogletree, bill ayers, bernadine dohrn, saul mendelson, george soros, sayed hussan alqazwini.

Should I continue? I understand it will take you Time to use GOOGLE and research the "SCUM" your past president associated with.

Now to address my statement of being Exterminated that is how Traitors are to be dealt with.

dawn = Want More?

big blob = Want more?

I am going to enjoy Election Night and watch State after State "Click In" for the reelcction of President Donald J. Trump.

You are going to have a miserable next 4 YEARS.

To QUOTE obama. = you democrats can come along for this ride = BUT YOU MUST SIT IN THE BACK OF THE BUS.

AND you wonder where all the Division and Hate originated?

I was told once that it is the right thing to do to be a Gracious Winner. big blob I am NOT a GRACIOUS WINNER.

you will see that very clearly often coming up.[smile]

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