Editor: The Democrats may have the perfect plan to pay-off the entire National Debt.

Instead of their paltry $3.5 trillion Democrat bill now before the Democrat controlled Congress why don ‘t they just pass a 28 trillion dollar Democrat bill, and pay-off the total National Debt in one fell swoop.

I’m sure that the Democrat Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Department has enough currency paper and green ink on hand to print enough $100 bills to equivocate 28 trillion dollars.

That way the Democrats can brag that they alone, without the help from any Republicans, paid-off the United States National Debt.

Then they can use that fact in their next political campaign. Think big, Democrats !

Bruce Warner

Lake Havasu City


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Davel3 you have been drinking way to much cool-aid if you think for one minute that the loonie left has a way to pay for the 3.5 trillion spending plan. Just how much are you willing to chip in with higher taxes. Don't tell me that they have plans to tax the rich. Your supreme leader himself is behind on around $500,000 in back taxes and I'll just bet he will use every trick in his playbook to keep from paying it. All these career politicians know how to scam the system for their benefit. Just think about your idol crazy Bernie he has never had a real job yet he is a millionaire with many houses that he can choose from. The swamp is corrupt and they think we need to pay for their mistakes. They don't work for us and you know it. The government is no longer for the people but for them and it shows everyday by the way they conduct themselves. Even the DOJ and FBI have been weaponized to go after everyday citizens who object to being forced to do something that they don't believe in. Look how the FBI is now targeting parents who don't agree with their school boards. Sounds like communism to me. This country is heading down a dark path with the currant people running the show. I just can't understand how anyone with a sane mind can agree with their agenda. The open border policy is enough to make one think that there is nothing good going to come from it. I'm not agaisnt immigration but to just throw open the borders for anyone is insane. My wife is an immigrant from Holland that came over the right way in 1965. She already knew English and eventually through hard work and a lot of studying she became a citizen. All I see with the currant administration is they want to flood the country with people who for the most part have no real skills or education and to give them citizenship so they will vote demorat. Talk about stacking the deck. Being a liberal/socialist I guess this is right up your alley. I read all this crap about raising the debt limit, another insane proposal. See how this would work for you. Lets say you came home from work one day and found out that the entire block you lived on had the sewers backed up and upon entering your house the sh-t was up to the ceiling. Now what would you do, raise the ceiling or clean up the sh-t, get my point. To bad our government can't work the same way we everyday people have to live. So get your checkbook out and get ready to give your brain dead kid sniffing, rapist corrupt career politician some more of your money.


jojo - You still have no idea what socialism actually is do you?


BB - Maybe it's you who doesn't know what a socialist really is.


It really does not matter if the meaning of socialism is understood. The debt is an eighth grade math problem. We are broke!


D/Socialist Destroying our country


icky - Still don't know what a socialist is do you? And BTW the election of President Biden by the American people put a stop to the destruction of our nation by a twice-impeached, lying, traitor.


Bruce... That would include the 8 plus trillion the last administration spent. How about Biden passes a bill and they only print enough money to pay off only what Democrats spent? Than they can claim their the party that's responsible enough to pay their own bills. On a more serious note. it seems your mindset only seems to scream about the debt when a Democrat is in office. At least the 3.5 trillion is a plan to benefit the average American and includes a way to pay for it. Seriously, I can appreciate a debate on spending, but not when it's more about who is spending it.

Here's an interesting link. Not so much to play tit-for-tat, but to illuminate all the silence from Republicans when their guy was in charge.



Thank you Bruce for the truth.


simple - Much like you brucie wouldn't know the truth if it kicked him in the butt.


bigblob it's obvious that THN knows the truth about your leader.


jojo - Now you are ranting about your weird little voice, "bigblob" somehow lending sway to THN? "bigblob" is nothing more than a manifestation of your demented mind.


Come on man bigblob there you go again criticizing someone for their opinion. If you could what type of plan would you come up with. You always seem to have all the answers. Better yet go to DC and help your brain dead kid sniffing rapist known the world over as a lousy corrupt career swamp creature. Or maybe you can take over for the circle back girl as it looks like she is wearing down with all the BS she has to come up with to protect her boss. You know the guy who just loves to talk to the press, ops I got that one wrong.


jojo - Still listening to the non-existent "bigblob" I see. That little voice in your head continually makes you look really stupid. And so interesting that THN allows you to post this, "..brain dead kid sniffing rapist...".


Poor, Bruce, still spewing his usual hate-filled garbage.


" still spewing his usual hate-filled garbage." A perfect description of BigBob, aka Bozo.

Too old for this

C'mon, man! You know that Biden will take that idea and run with it.

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