Joe and Kamala went up The Hill

Joe and Kamala went up Capitol Hill to fetch a pail of power;

Joe fell down and broke his crown, and Kamala came tumbling after.

Joe got up and trotted home as fast as he could scamper;

to Doctor Dame Biden who patched-up his noggin;

with vinegar and the New York Times newspaper.

Then they decided to run for the Presidency of the United States of America !

Bruce Warner

Lake Havasu City


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I think there is a poem coming to me! So far I have words of Trumps winning and BigBob jumping from the London Bridge.


What a stupid comment. Why in the world would I consider jumping from the London Bridge? And you seriously need to get ready for President Biden to bring our nation back from the horrors of the last four year and see to it we are once again admired by the world.


"Why in the world would I consider jumping from the London Bridge?" Because you would be doing the people of LHC a favor.


Wow, that is a truly curious statement! Can you provide some proof that "the people of LHC" want to see me jump off the bridge. We'll be waiting.


Bruce, that was poetic, funny, and truthful - Lol. I'm sure some will make a crude effort to plagiarize what you wrote, but don't be dismayed. Simply be flattered that they took time to respond :-)


Believe me no one would plagiarize that trash, however I added some very succinct and to the point verses in order to have it make sense. And yes, Bruce should be honored that his garbage has been corrected.


“clarification is needed as to why people can be convinced trump is the wrong way to go for the future” “When talking with those who support the” (President) (BigBob, 9/16/2020)

“Be nasty, insult their intelligence, insult their families, call them names, disparage there religion, make fun of there veteran status, be condescending, overbearing, loud, profane, and most of all be VISCOUS! It gets them every time! (BigBob’s political playbook)

With 47 days, 12 hours left, BigBob’s “flop sweat” is everywhere! Go for it rovR**! That’s the ticket! #Re-elect45! [thumbup][huh][tongue][love] Deaton


Hey Big Bozo, is that poem, or attempt at one, going to be available on Kindle too?


Who is "Big Bozo?" I will attempt to address your concern - I have no idea as to Bruce's intent when it comes to his selling his supposed poem on Kindle. I can only point out as a successful author with my books being available on Kindle they have very high standards and I doubt Bruce's' pathetic endeavor meets their requirements. You might want to ask Bruce of his intent if you are interested in purchasing his poem on Kindle.


They won the election and in short order

Arrested the trump family as they fled to the border

All trump appointees were immediately canned

And put out to pasture quicker then they planned

And had to cough up billions of dollars stolen from government factions

And faced the IRS to explain their nefarious actions

Joe and Kamala set to work to restore greatness to our beleaguered nation

And the American people cheered the end of the crook’s administration



Objective Dialectic

Bigbob, your poem is far superior!

Vince Gors

bb/rovr/? Whatever you are going by today, constantly changing[rolleyes] I always wonder when calling my President all kinds of False Names how in the H*** you don't mention Shady joe and his connections with China? He sure got his Druggie son a "FAT DEAL" how many Millions was that? OR was it Billions? With China no less. I can't wait until the Slaughter OOPS the ( Debates) . I sure hope someone has 911 on Speed Dial as they will be needed. Tella Prompter won't be of use this time joey.


Vince Gors - [thumbup]


Who is "bb/rovr?" What is a "Tella Prompter?" I feel bad because you're going to have a really difficult time accepting President Biden's programs that will save our nation from Putin's plans to destroy us by using a maniacal idiot's ego. But it will be okay, President Biden will make certain even you have access to mental heath care.

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