Editor: On Friday, April 23, a professional , independent, meticulous, forensic audit of the results of the 2020 Presidential Election began in Maricopa County.

There are a total of 2.1 million ballots that will be professionally audited.

The original ballot count claimed that Biden won over Trump by less than ten thousand votes out of the total 2.1 million votes cast. In addition to the paper ballots the election machine ballots will also be forensically audited.

The reason that this forensic audit has taken so long to begin is because the opposing forces that do not want the truth to be exposed have fought it in court every step of the way until now. They lost in court. Now ask yourself why would anyone not want the truth to be exposed. We will know the truth about who really won the 2020 Election in Arizona in about 40 days. Stay tuned!

Bruce Warner

Lake Havasu City


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So when this political stunt fails what then, how can you call it independent when they are a very biased firm wanting to hide their counting?

Really what are all you trumpers going to say when yet another lie comes to an end without the results you want? Over 60 courts have told you it is all a lie, guess you will have to look for the next conspiracy that supports the biggest lie ever told.


Yes, let them verify and certify all legal votes with the audit. The facts and truth will be there when the dust settles. This shouldn't be another, "nothing to see here" situation. Transparency.


If you believe that this is a professional audit there's no helping you...

The results will be interesting though, even with the fact that it is a biased audit. I'm just concerned that ballots can be handled this way without state law ballot rules being in effect.

Vince Gors

"BIG BLOB" just stay to the SUBJECT and this is so simple. Just count the "VOTES" why write a Page pf B.S?

Are you afraid of Something? Could it be the Truth?

Your Group can not help itself. Cheating, Lying and Deceiving is A WAY OF LIFE.

Thank-You, Bruce!!


There is no “truth” to come from this specious “audit.” Thanks to the unprofessional fools the ballots, machines and materials have been nullified for now and the future. Lack of security, use of improper materials, and fools doing the “audit” have destroyed any worth they may have held. Of course three previous “audits” and certification have proven there was no fraud and the twice-impeached, lying, crook was the loser and for time and all eternity he will remain the loser.

Now let’s consider some facts - The GOP-controlled state Senate has put Florida-based private contractor Cyber Ninjas (yes, that’s their real name), whose CEO has repeatedly pushed Trump’s baseless lies that the election was stolen, in charge of the recount. To call the effort a circus would be a massive understatement.

The firm has no experience conducting official election recounts and unsuccessfully tried to keep its procedures for the recount under seal by claiming they were “trade secrets,” an argument that a judge laughed out of court. Meanwhile, the state Senate is only allowing one local reporter at a time to attend the recount in person, relegating them to bleachers high above the floor where the actual counting is taking place — but allowing far-right conspiracy network One America News to livestream the event. The procedures and circumstances are so murky that a group of national voting rights organizations sent a letter to the Justice Department urging them to send federal monitors to observe the recount, warning the ballots are “in imminent danger of being stolen, defaced, or irretrievably damaged.”

One of the twice-impeached, lying, crooks insurrectionists who stormed the nation’s capital on 6 January has been caught on video counting ballots at the massively stupid Republican joke of an “audit” at the coliseum in Phoenix. His name is Anthony Kern, not only a seditionist, but a defender of child sex trafficker Matt Gaetz and the equally disgusting Rudy Giuliani. This piece of trash need to be forcibly removed from the audit scam and arrested for his part in attacking our nation’s capitol.

It cannot be overstated how dangerous this is. We’re nearly half a year removed from the 2020 election, and Trump and his allies in state Republican legislatures are still doubling down on the big lie that the election was stolen. Republican secretaries of state have warned that this will have devastating, long-lasting consequences for our elections if such partisan vote counts become the norm. We may have defeated Trump, but his legacy is still a very real threat. The fight continues.


If anyone has any questions about this letter they should go on line and watch Mike Lindell's documentary, Absolute Interference. Big Bob is a socialist Democrat Troll and will say anything to hide the truth, to not allow people to see the proof or flat out lie to keep Obiden in office. The audit will continue, the truth will finally see the light of day and at least 6 other states will start their own audits. Trolls like Big Bob will be shown to be Big Liars amd the military Tribunals will be used to punish those that pulled off this Coup. I want to see every criminal that cheated us in this election behind bars from the lowliest cheating poll worker to Biden himself. Keep on with the BIG LIES Bob. It will make Trump's victory just that much sweeter.






NO danger in an audit. IRS audits all the time, only danger there is if they find you cheat. Trump is no threat here. He is not in office! The only insurrectionists are those a the border that are using children to meet their need.

What is disgusting is the continual daily rant, repeated over and over, using name calling, and demeaning statements to prove a point, that doesn't exist.

The country moves forward, with 2020 in our face, and a president that will be useless.



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