Editor: The first diplomacy meeting between the Biden administration and China was held last week in Alaska, and ended with a yelling match between the two sides because China has no respect for the current occupant of the Oval Office like they had for President Trump. I predict that diplomatic relations between the Biden administration and the China/Russia coalition will continue to deteriorate during the next four years of the weak Biden administration to the point of war breaking out before the Biden administration vacates the Oval office. Brace yourselves for the coming war in your future, America!

Bruce Warner

Lake Havasu City


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Vince Gors

Bruce!!., Right On! hen President Trump was In Charge, The World Respected our Leader And Country. They knew the Days were ove of Puching and Taunting were over. Oblama, would Draw a Line in the sand, and Russia, hina and Others just Laughed. "Sleepy" learned from his "Mentor" Jimmy Carter is the Happiest Man in the World, after Those two Losers he keeps moving down the "List" of Horrid Presidents. "No Show Joe" has so many Disasters going on he is Clueless and What Does He Do? = Runs to Camp David. This Idiot and "The Border Boss "The Ho" are Destroying This Country.


Bruce, off you meds again?

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