Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s stubborn, self-defeating refusal to venture an opinion on suggestions to increase the number of U.S. Supreme Court justices is a textbook example of poor decision-making that’s turned what should have been a one day story into a running narrative that threatens to dominate the campaign discussion three weeks out from Election Day.

Biden compounded the controversy with his appallingly arrogant response to reporters that the American people didn’t “deserve” to know his position on the court packing scheme being pushed by his party’s left wing.

Biden and his running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris, have dodged repeated questions seeking their position on issue.

Biden brushed the inquiries aside, saying he’d articulate a position once the election was over, adding that he wanted to avoid media coverage of his response. A strange stance in a business that relies on media coverage for its existence.

The idea of increasing the court’s membership was floated by a bloc of left wing Democrats in response to President Trump’s nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the seat left open by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Conceding they were powerless to defeat the nomination, the small band of Democrats opted to negate it by expanding the court by four justices who shared their legislative agenda and could be counted on to block rulings which failed to comply with it.

The proposal threw Biden into a bind – he could support it and risk alienating the moderate, centrist base crucial to his success, or oppose it and arouse the wrath of the left whose distrust of him still lingers.

He chose the path of least resistance — stonewall and refuse to respond.

In addition to delivering a campaign gift to Trump, stiffing reporters always fails to put an issue to rest. Instead, it whets their appetite for dogged pursuit until they receive an answer.

The story has legs now, but its central theme has been transformed from whether court packing is sound policy into Biden’s persistent refusal to take a position.

Biden’s campaign badly misjudged the potential impact of the court packing plan, believing it was inside baseball and in a nation totally preoccupied with an unprecedented public health crisis, a suggestion that the Supreme Court be expanded would fail to gain traction with voters.

That sort of groupthink and analysis produced the pickle Biden now finds himself in. To be sure, the overwhelming majority of Americans are largely unfamiliar with and generally disinterested in the internal functioning of the court, but they expect and are entitled to a straightforward, honest answer from a candidate for president.

How Biden truly feels isn’t terribly clear, and his campaign brain trust erred by failing to develop a response to a question they should have seen coming.

Something like “I have some reservations about it, but, as president, the country may rest assured my nominations to the court will be individuals of great intellect and integrity who will preserve and protect the freedoms we all enjoy.”

Not all that difficult is it?

Being dismissed as undeserving of a response suggests to voters that Biden’s core principles – values he cherishes and believes in — are less important than keeping political insiders happy.

The entire episode is a serious miscalculation by a campaign which has become perilously complacent, lulled by favorable poll numbers into a sense victory is at hand and all that remains is coasting through the coming weeks before turning to planning inaugural activities.

With time running out, falling on the ball has become the default strategy.

Biden’s cavalier kiss off of the American people as undeserving of his attention is an example of his history of the kind of shoot from the lip, unthinking, glib reaction many in his party feared would surface during the campaign. They must be yearning for the good old days of Biden in the basement reading canned commentary from a teleprompter.

Carl Golden is a senior contributing analyst with the William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy at Stockton University in New Jersey. You can reach him at


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Vince Gors

HIDIN biden. I have never seen a Candidate for President of the United States Of America with two weeks left before the Election refuse to come out to meet the press and the People of this Country. Looks like the Truth is finally catching up with joey.[thumbup][thumbup]


Unlike Typhoid Donny, the super-spreader responsible for the deaths of more than 220,00 American, Vice president Biden understands the importance of not endangering people by making an ass out of himself with gene pool cleansing rallies and infecting people all across the nation.

In March Biden commented, following Typhoid Donny’s, the super-spreader responsible for the deaths of 220,000 Americans, comments calling him “hidin’ Biden” that, “All this stuff about ‘Biden’s hidin,’ well, you know, the fact of the matter is, it’s working pretty well so far, following the rules. He’s [Trump] behind in almost every — every state.” Biden was referencing his climbing poll numbers, which had shown him ahead of Trump both nationally and in key swing states. The ex-VP has continued appearances limited to a few dozen attendees kept at a distance for safety purposes.

“Joe Biden is doing exactly what he needs to do to win,” Democratic strategist Eric Koch told The Post on Sunday.

Typhoid Donny, the super-spreader responsible for the deaths of 220,000 Americans, is still on the road endangering American lives at every turn. On Monday he brought gene pool cleansing rallies to Prescott and Tucson where an uptick in infections is already underway. On Tuesday and Wednesday, he will be infecting people in Pennsylvania and North Carolina.


I have to agree, the republican party is nothing like the party I used to support since they became the party of tRUMP. It is disgusting to watch the spineless politicians who are afraid of tRUMP and the 30%? of his voting supporters.

It will be refreshing to see the landslide defeat of tRUMP and the sad loss by his ignorant supporters.


Davel2 Your Post are like you're speaking to Freshman College kids! Its not YouTube or The Jerusalem Post so hope lil bob don't get confused again I have attached a link. I suggest for you to watch the video go backwash Glee and click on the link above and donate a to the Biden/Hairless campaign Donate a more than you feel comfortable with amount this will prove to all your constituents you are really all in. Do for humanity, empathy and the need of the new green deal!


Who is "lil bob?" - "doesn't" - "...go backwash Glee...?" " on the link above..." what link above? - "...donate a to..." A what? - Who are "Biden/Hairless" - Seriously you need to have your handler provide you with more English lessons, comrade.


IcePick... Why is it that I can't get you to engage and point out where my political observations are incorrect intelligently? It is that you know I'm right or should

I lower my grade level to below college freshman? I should ignore you, deaton, "Your" welcome, 23merkaba, simondog, Mr. Lemons, CVA-42 and others as has been suggested to me a dozen times, but I'm intrigued at how the group of you have reached the ages you have being so ignorant about so many things. How you have managed in life with so many obvious prejudices and narrow-minded views to actually interact with other humans and feed yourselves? If there was a campaign promoting the reasons for free college for all, the bunch of you would be poster boys. QAnon theory, conspiracies, untrue smears, for so many of a single mind-set to exist on a little p**s ant newspaper website in a little p**s ant town amazes me. It's like the town of Stepford from the old classic movie. As I've said before I would love to share a link to these pages with friends for a joke, but I would be to embarrassed to admit your all serious and we're all practically neighbors. I guess on November 3rd we'll find out just how well Trump did with his "dumb down America" campaign. May God Bless America is an under statement.


Davel-2. I see you liked the Video good stuff right.


It's always amazing how after 4 year of listening to Trump, someone can call Biden arrogant, in fact, how they can call almost anybody outside their party arrogant. Hypocrisy is so common in the articles of "right-wing" authors. Perhaps Biden doesn't want to turn the conversation away from Trump's huge failure to lead in the right direction during this pandemic or the social unrest taking place in our country. The life and death issues that Republicans always seem to ignore. Healthcare, a "clean" stimulus plan to feed unemployed families during this crisis, the list goes on and on. Of course we all know what this nomination is really about and if we make an issue about it along with the other pressing life and death issues, the Republicans will spin it and claim abortion is a life and death issue too, but that's just to rally a particular voting block. If their sixteen year old honor student daughter comes home pregnant from a one-night stand, you could be sure the the conversation won't be about setting up a nursery. Biden and the rest of us know there is likely no way we can stop the Republicans from jamming down our throats yet another conservative anti-abortion judge. It's to bad it's like that, but ridding the country of the more immanent danger of having Trump for another 4 years has to take precedence. Besides, give the Republicans unfettered power and they will do whatever they want, regardless of the will of the people. Kavanaugh was recent enough to clearly remember that S**t Show. Perhaps Carl's article is more about being upset that Biden hasn't taken the bait. Much like the Republicans have changed the issue of Police Brutality into the issue of violent protest which than became about Democrats being violent Marxist and Communist bent on destroying America. That was an almost laughable stretch, but it worked to rally their more ignorant supporters. Today's Neo-Republicans certainly are a self-righteous group, to arrogant to realize their so easy to see through.


Davel-2. WoW! What amazing piece! Hypocrisy, Pandemic, Healthcare,Danger, Fear, Life Death, more Freebees/$, Kavanaugh/judges, Defunding Police, and some 75% peaceful protestors.. Amazing how Some Democrat/Socialist will spin anything for Globalism.

Keep your mask on while your driving so we know who you are!


"you're" - And please stop with the Conservative/Fascist nonsense, it is all so last year and will be out the door in November. And make sure you don't wear your mask - EVERYONE pleads with you to not wear your mask.


Carl, thank you! I've been asking the same of Joe. Sadly, he seems incapable of such. Instead of "Joe Biden for President" - it needs to be "Joe Biden for Resident." I believe deaton coined that phrase first. A good one!


You have a very serious problem with English comprehension, don't you. Maybe your handler can carefully explain all the big words - those with more than four letters - to you.

And BTW don't be too saddened when, in January President Biden is sworn in, the entire typhoid Donny - the super-spreader of the trump virus - crime family are jailed, because you will have access to mental health care - something you are severely in need of.


Bob, I have to agree that the China virus has taken a lot of freedoms away already. If your man wins, China will have achieved its goal of getting Trump out of the way probably never dreaming that a bonus of their guy Biden getting in. Amazingly, as Trump says, that he could lose to the worst candidate in history.

As far as ending the republican party being a good thing for the country, I have to strongly disagree. If it would happen, and it will take awhile for this country to be in shambles as your side takes more control of our lives, neither of us will probably be around for me to tell you that I told you so.

Any of you lefties out there want to chime in on one of your favorite guys saying the country would be better off without the republican party.


Agree “Cooldan!” Well said.


"Your" (sic) - Not really but the intellectually deficient can't help but agree with fools.


So sad to watch these pathetic losers go on and on about Typhoid Donny - the super-spreader of the trump virus - and his lost effort to be reappointed to our White House.

And the only "goal" we have seen over the past four years is Russia attempting to destroy our nation at the behest of Putin with the complicity of Typhoid Donny - the super-spreader of the trump virus.

And America would be a great nation once again if the Republican Party disappeared from the face of the Earth. There would be another party - or two - trying to fill their spot and once the Nazi Party and the KKK Party are equally eliminated we can get back to being one of the greatest nations on Earth.

And please let's hear how many others feel the Republicans have outlived their usefulness?


cooldan... I do! I do! Leftie here! The country would be better off without what the Republican Party has turned into today. They were always conservative, but agreed with Democrats to serve the common good together as Americans, They would use compromise to get things done and they did get things done. Everything from infrastructure to civil rights legislation. The problem is that they have been hi-jacked by extreme right-wing ideologies. The Republican Party wasn't about claiming to be the party of God and pandering to the crazy ideas of Evangelicals or trying to attract votes from White Supremacist using dog whistles. This insanity stated with Newt Gingrich and has been encouraged to even crazier extremes by Trump. The real question should be how to get the Republican Party back on track. Now, you can try and claim the Democrats are to extreme too, but compare and contrast the extremes by simply looking at the legislation that is proposed by both parties at both the state and national level and you will easily identify the current crop of Republicans as winning the contest of who is most off the rails. Also view the reputable polls taken to gauge where Americans stand on issues and you will see the Neo-Republican Party is ignoring them. Even Nixon passed the "clean water act" because he knew it was what the American People wanted and while it may have been for political reasons, he still did it. It was the right thing to do. The politics of division are not serving any of us well.

Trump is using divide and conquer tactics that are dangerous to our society. Biden was not my first choice, but his record of being a moderate and his calming nature certainly will be a step in the right direction as opposed to 4 more years of Trump with all his insane rhetoric. He's encouraging the division and those with an insane version of what America should be. A militia actually planning to kidnap a Governor because they felt inspired by Trump's words? You just can't overlook this stuff because you think you may save a dollar in your tax liability at the end of the year. It's not enough to justify Americans having so much animosity for each other. Hold your nose and vote Democrat and in four years vote for the Republican if you want, but this insanity has got to come to an end. Can we agree on that?


BigBob doesn't just want his side to win an election, by his comments that he has made, including his comments today about impeaching supreme court justices, it sounds like he wants to eliminate the other side. Does that sound like a free democracy? A lot of people in power on his side think just like him which is scary.


With the appointment of Typhoid Donny, the super-spreader of the trump virus, we lost our "free democracy." And if this election spells the end of the Republican party for time and all eternity our nation will be better for it.


The videos are going to be released soon

Mr Lemons

23merkaba - I wonder how good of a job the "Russian operatives" did on creating a dope smokin' Hunter Biden and his "female companions" cavorting on video? The photo of him passed out with a crack pipe hanging off his lip is great. Where did he get his values? Corn Pop?


Mr. Lemons... I expected better than that from you. Don't you feel just a little embarrassed encouraging Mr. QAnon?


You keep saying that and yet NOTHING! FOX "News" is not your friend.


Voters don't deserve to know? Really?? Pompous ass!


You mean a pompous ass like Typhoid Donny who lied to us about the trump virus and refuses to show his tax returns? NOW that is a pompous ass!

Mr Lemons

BigBong - Similar to you being the only one in the room that doesn't know who Big Bozo/Big Blob/Rovr/HwyBlob are, who is this Typhoid Donny you keep referring to? Is there a typhoid outbreak I haven't heard about?


OMG! Your list of "little voices" is growing at an alarming rate! Who are "BigBong, Big Bozo/Big Blob/Rovr/HwyBlob?"

Oh dear, I am so sorry that I made a historical reference you – through ignorance - cannot comprehend. Mary Mallon a super-spreader before the term existed, a disease carrier so notorious she acquired a celebrity nickname: Typhoid Mary. Mallon showed no symptoms but was infected with typhoid and triggered multiple outbreaks in New York at the turn of the 20th century. She was a cook for affluent families, and everywhere Mallon went the bacterial infection followed, sickening one household after another. In 1907 a medical researcher identified her, leading to Mallon being forcibly quarantined for the rest of her life on North Brother Island, a containment site on New York’s East River. She died in 1938, aged 69, vilified in folk memory as “the most dangerous woman in America”, a patient zero who needed to be isolated and locked up, a de facto prisoner, until death.

Since that time super-spreaders have been tagged as Typhoid XXXX. In this case the greatest super-spreader of the trump virus is Donny, thus the nickname Typhoid Donny. To simply your life in the future I will refer to him as Typhoid Donny, the super-spreader of the trump virus.


Hey “Bobby!” Look in the mirror bud! I think that you will see not only a pompous ass, but a “Yuge ass!” Also, I was double checking your quarterlies! You can’t write off double doubles! That is NOT a business expense! What an idiot you’ve become!


And again you post lies about me instead of actually addressing the truth and facts that I post. Do you honestly think your childish attacks bother me? What are you - 9?

Vince Gors

HEY!!, big blob. bruce springsteen claims he is leaving if President Trump Wins. PLEASE!! TELL ME YOU ARE GOING TO JOIN HIM.


Who is "big blob?" And why do you care if one of the voices in your empty cranium leaves?

Mr Lemons

Joe Biden knows the answer, but believes that voters don't "deserve" an answer. Of course the correct answer to the question is that the Democrats wouldn't expand the number of justices on the Supreme Court. Much like the "nuclear option" that the Democrats unleashed, they will regret expanding the court, because the party in control could always manipulate outcomes by adding seats and appointing justices favorable to their point of view.


Both Mr Biden and Mrs Harris have taken the correct position. Until we see if he SCOTUS disgraces itself yet again there is no point in giving any consideration to altering the make-up of the court. Personally I would prefer to see Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and, if appointed, that woman be impeached for incompetence.


Big Bozo. Personally, no one gives a damn about your stupid opinions.

Too old for this



Hi there! Still waiting for you to tell us the title of my book you were so upset about a few days ago that you libeled me in these pages. Why can't you tell us? And also you may have missed it, but I will gladly buy back from you any of my books that you find boring or inaccurate. Oh, wait, I forgot - you have never bought nor read any of my books, making you - yep you guessed it - a liar!




Who is "Big Bozo" and what did he say? Damnit, I just don't understand why we can't see the comments you are always talking about.


Obviously you do, because you always read and comment on them.

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