Editor: This is a plea from an American voter to those engaging in political smear jobs.

I don’t care what political party you belong to, stop, stop, stop your constant, insane, and insidious attacks. Freedom to express differences of opinion is fundamental in America and constructive political dialog can only flourish when this is encouraged.

Not attacked as Ed Schweizer does in his recent letter to the editor. His letter is a perfect example of the too common and irresponsible use of stereotypes, assumptions, fear-mongering and emotional button-pushing that is politically dividing rather than uniting Americans.

I do not expect everyone to share my opinions and beliefs and how others vote is not my business.

I just hope that the majority will make the effort to get the information and facts they need to make informed voting decisions, rather than falling prey to the political propaganda we are being exposed to constantly.

Carolyn Blackmore

Lake Havasu City


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Did you read this hwy? Perfect example of you.


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