Editor: Joe Biden did not waste any time in his 100 days in the White House to undo the executive orders that President Trump has done. I remember when Pelosi said “I do not care who is President (Republican or Democrat) as long as Trump does not win.”

They tried three times to get him out of office and, in fact, they went to impeach him when he was out of office. How low can they go? They tried to make sure he was never going to be in office again. Well that one they lost for sure. Hate is such a strong word and can definitely destroy a person.

They started to give us stimulus checks and we all thought how nice. Really? Where do you think they get this money from? If you think it is from the goodness of their hearts, think again.

They are taxing us — oh, I forgot Biden was only taxing the people that make only $400,000 or more. Right. Believe that and you will believe anything. That is just one of his many lies. He is trying to make us so poor that we will never get out of debt. Please do not believe anything that man is telling you.

When Trump was in office, he did a lot for the Americans and was just about to finish the wall. However when Biden got into office the work on the wall stopped and Biden changed the message on immigration.

We do not mind them coming over legally, as that is what President Trump said. It is amazing since Biden and Harris have been in office they have never been down to see the border. I wonder why. Please pray that we get our beautiful and free country back. Praying is very powerful and remember it will be done in God’s time not ours.

Charlene Travelstead

Lake Havasu City


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Clinton was acquitted as well, but none of you believed he wasn't guilty. I think it will be fun to watch the Giuliani developments and all the trump lawsuits, maybe once they are all in prison you trumpers may see the light, obviously attack on our capitol let by white supremacy groups wasn't enough.

Comment deleted.

They are all flipping 80 years old, geeze can they please just go home and let the country move forward to those that are young and ready? And I mean BOTH parties. These old guys think they own these seats, people, stop voting them in!!! Term limits.


Thanks Charlene, well said words and I like your article. One exception, Biden has wasted his time in office in the first 100 days. He is not a leader nor should be the leader of the greatest country in the free world.


Someone needs new material, CNP re-runs are getting old.[whistling]


Well said Charlene: Don't pay any attention to the loser Bigblob he is another brain dead leftest who thinks the sun rises and falls on his party. His party is out to destroy our great country with all their insane ideas. The mid terms can't get here fast enough.




So was clinton, doesn't mean he wasn't absolutely guilty, just really bad bi-partisan politics, a few brave republicans called it like it was.


Totally classless for Biden to take full credit on the vaccines - no mention of the guy who put the gears in overdrive to produce them. Does anybody in a sane mind think this group of clowns would get this done in the matter of a few months? I'm praying with you, Charlene.

Vince Gors

Charlene, Super Post!! Simple, Short, To the Truth.

Just Ignore the "Senile Resident" here. He is just like his Idol, "BOZO"

His Speech last evening was a Disgrace, he truly is the "Loon in the White House"

Thanks, keep telling the Truth, it will Prevail.


As usual a lot of incorrect claptrap (i.e lies). The low-life, liar and crook was not “impeached after he left office.” He was impeached while still soiling the White house.

“They started to give us stimulus checks…” Yes “they” were the Republicans under the twice-impeached, lying, crook.

I would ask for proof that President Biden – the man elected by the American people to give each of us hope for a better America and to remove the wart that spent four years trying to destroy our nation at the behest of Putin – is lying about taxing those who make over $400,000 a year, but of course there is no proof, just more hyperbolic trash spewed from a know-nothing.

The twice-impeached, lying, crook did next to nothing about finishing “the wall.’ Least of all keeping his promise about “MEXICO WILL PAY FOR THE WALL!” What he wound up doing was stealing money from the military to grease the palms of a few contractors who still did nothing.

As to prayers, God has answered our prayers and given us President Biden to replace the godless scum who doesn’t know the up from down when it comes to the Bible.

Now since we are talking about promises, please take a few moments and defend the following -

Just a few of the twice impeached, liar and crooks broken promises -

1. He told you he’d cut your taxes, and that the super-rich like him would pay more. You bought it. But his 2017 tax law did the opposite. By 2027, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, the richest 1 percent will have received 83 percent of the tax cut and the richest 0.1 percent, 60 percent of it, while 53 percent of American’s will pay more in taxes.

2. He promised the average family would see a $4,000 pay raise because of the tax law. You bought it. Real wages for most Americans are lower today than they were before the tax law went into effect.

3. He promised to close special interest loopholes that have been good for Wall Street investors but unfair to American workers, especially the notorious “carried interest” loophole for private-equity, hedge fund, and real estate partners. You bought it. But the new tax law kept the “carried interest” loophole.

4. He promised to bring an end to Kim Jong-Un’s nuclear program. You bought it. Kim Jong-Un hasn’t denuclearized.

5. He told you he’d repeal Obamacare and replace it with something “beautiful,” including “insurance for everybody.” You bought it. He didn’t repeal and he didn’t replace. Over 5 million Americans have lost health insurance in the last three years.

6. He told you he wouldn’t “cut Social Security like every other Republican and I’m not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid.” You bought it. Now he’s planning such cuts in order to deal with the ballooning deficit created, in part, by the new tax law for corporations and the rich.

7. He promised to protect anyone with pre-existing conditions. You bought it. His Justice Department told a federal court it would no longer defend provisions of Obamacare that protect patients with pre-existing conditions.

8. He said he’d build a “wall” across the southern border. You believed him. But there’s no wall.

9. He told you he’d invest $1 trillion in our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. You bought it. But after his giant tax cut for corporations and millionaires, there’s no money left for infrastructure.

10. He said he’d drain the Washington swamp. You bought it. He brought into his administration more billionaires, CEOs, and Wall Street moguls than in any administration in history.

11. He promised to re-institute a ban on all executive branch officials lobbying the government for five years after they leave government.” You bought it. But the ban he signed applies only to lobbying one’s former agency, not the government as a whole, and it doesn’t stop former officials from becoming lobbyists.

12. He said he’d use his business experience to whip the White House into shape. You bought it. He has created the most dysfunctional, back-stabbing White House in modern history, and has fired and replaced so many assistants that people there barely know who’s in charge of what.

13. He told you he’d “bring down drug prices” by negotiating “like crazy” with drug companies. You bought it. He hasn’t.

14. He told you he’d “stop foreign lobbyists from raising money for American elections.” You bought it. Foreign lobbyists are still raising money for American elections.

15. He promised “six weeks of paid maternity leave to any mother with a newborn child whose employer does not provide the benefit.” You bought it. The giant tax cut for corporations and the rich didn’t leave any money for this.

16. He said he’d create tax-free dependent care savings accounts for younger and elderly dependents, and have the government match contributions low-income families put into their savings accounts. You bought it. He’s done neither.

17. He said that on Day One he’d label China a “currency manipulator.” You bought it. Then he declared China is not a currency manipulator.

18. He said he “won’t bomb Syria.” You bought it. Then he bombed Syria.

19. After pulling out of the Paris accord, he said he’d negotiate a better deal on the environment. You bought it. There have been no negotiations.

20. He promised that the many women who accused him of sexual misconduct “will be sued after the election is over.” You bought it. He hasn’t sued them, presumably because he doesn’t want the truth to come out.

21. He said he would not be a president who took vacations, and criticized Barack Obama for taking too many vacations. You bought it. Since being appointed as President, he has spent a millions of tax dollars and over a quarter of his days at one of his golf properties.

22. He vowed to “push colleges to cut the skyrocketing cost of tuition.” You believed him. But he hasn’t. Instead, he’s made it easier for for-profit college to defraud students.

23. He said he’d force companies to keep jobs in America, and that there would be consequences for companies that shipped jobs abroad, especially government contractors. You believed him. Never before in U.S. history have federal contractors sent so many jobs overseas. There have been no consequences.

24. He promised to end DACA. Then in January 2018 promised that “DACA recipients should not to be concerned… We’re going to solve the problem,” then he reversed himself again.

25. He promised to revive the struggling coal industry and bring back lost coal mining jobs. You bought it. Coal is still losing customers as utilities turn to natural gas and renewable power.

26. He promised to protect American steel jobs. You bought it. His tariffs on steel have protected some steel jobs. But industries that use steel – like automakers and construction – now have to pay more for the steel they use, with the result that their jobs are threatened.

27. He said he’d make America safer. You believed him. Mass shootings keep rising, and he has failed to pass effective gun control legislation.

28. He promised to make two- and four-year colleges more affordable. You bought it. But Trump’s most recent budget contains deep cuts in aid for low-income and first-generation college students, reduces Federal Work Study, and eliminates the 50-year-old Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant program, which goes to more than a million poor college kids each year.

29. He promised to eliminate the federal deficit and bring down the debt. You bought it. Due to his massive tax cut, mostly for corporations and the rich and his military spending, the deficit is set to rise to $1 trillion, and the debt has ballooned to more than $21 trillion.

30. He said he’d release his taxes. “I’m under a routine audit and it’ll be released, and as soon as the audit is finished it will be released,” he promised during the campaign. You bought it. He still hasn’t released his taxes.


A post this long is ridiculous. Write another book. This is not your personal editorial page. We all know that you kneel at the throne of No Show Joe, but this is nuts!!! After # 2, (which is a perfect number for this post), it was the same old rhetoric. Enough already.

Dan Beer


Deplorable Neanderthal

Don’t forget the important fact that Trump was acquitted in each failed case by the Democrats to impeach him.

Dan Beer


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