Editor: I salute all who stand for our Constitutional and Human rights! Whether speaking out at public meetings or in social media, I say state your views, accurately, and recognize that some will be more popular than others. Be prepared to “suck it up” when opposed, or to defend your views. That’s the country we live in.

We can speak our minds, support whatever cause we wish. In the Philippines, the cops could shoot a kid for picking a sailor’s pocket. A vehicle could be riddled with machine gun fire for running the Navy Base gate when leaving - that car sat along the road in Spain for about a year, as I recall. These are allies, mind you.

I have not visited countries where women can be raped and murdered for not wearing a rag on her head, or for disobeying her husband, where LGBTQ can be stoned or beheaded, nor would I wish to. I hope sometime soon that evil is erased permanently.

Thus, I defend J’aime Morgaine’s right to speak out about something she doesn’t like, and I defend LaJuana Gillette’s right to speak out on social media. Like millions of others I served this amazing country in war time, to defend the right of both. I also defend the right of volunteers to walk out of repetitive yammering on the same tired topic. Dale Kelley’s comment that Morgaine’s supporters are able to attend meetings when the rest of the world works was “insensitive”. Perhaps I should attend one and determine who my fellow disabled vets are, and who are riding the dole train.

Well done to Supervisors Johnson and Gould – keep your boots out of the muck. My advice: You made your point. Suck it up, Morgaine, your umbrage is noted. Stop wasting everyone’s time.

Charles Kotan

Lake Havasu City


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