Editor: Black Lives Matter -- To Me.

As a kid the greatest pitcher of all time, Bob Gibson, lived on my paper route. I got to collect from him just once, but it’s a memory that has lasted sixty years. He is a humble man we can all look up to.

My cousin Matt matters to me. My Navy shipmates, Ray, Clarence, Calvin and Greg and many more matter to me. My many neighbors of color matter to me. Folks who fight with the cops matter to me -- not so much.

This letter is sparked by the Country Music Awards, in which Country Charlie Pride received the Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award. I’m not a big Country Music fan, but Charlie’s music has always been a fave. Charlie is showing his age, and I pray for him and the others growing older.

Music unites us, while politicians divide us, as Eric Church reminded me. The amazing music of the South and Motown brought us together, through the turbulent sixties and seventies. James Brown matters to me because he reminds me I Feel Good! Ray Charles is another hero, along with Aretha, Booker T, Brook, Tina, Whitney, Nat and Natalie, Johnny, and thousands of others who have touched my soul, including Darius from his Hootie days. There are a zillion more to come!

No matter who represents us in Washington, music will unite us, for this I pray.

Charlie Kotan

Lake Havasu City


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'Music unites us, while politicians divide us' So very true.

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