Editor: It has taken me several days to come down off the wall after reading the letter from Lisa Bowman berating Kandi Finrock. Lisa, there are 80 million of us who knew what we wanted in a president and we got that and more. Your position is then we must all be mentally ill. To say that Trump was at fault in the January assault on the capital is laughable. How is it that thinking Americans know this was planned months ago by the leftist radicals in this country. That assault was actually brilliant, they knew exactly what it would do to Trump. It is apparent he was a threat to the installed mess of Washington, D.C. The more he did for us, the more you hated him.

Your vitriol scares me, it wreaks of smelly socialism and a deeply compromised administration. Sadly, all of you Biden voters are going to experience what it’s like to head towards socialism however, all of us who understood the cost of a Biden election will have to suffer too. It is going to be interesting to watch this man try to be presidential and pretend to know what he is doing. I wonder how many people, including Obama, are pulling the puppet strings. So sad. We are seniors, we feel so sorry for the younger generation. They will never know how very great this country is and how much blood has been shed to keep us free. There’s an old saying, “what goes around, comes around.”

Charlyne Gastelum

Lake Havasu City


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75% of republicans still believe the election was stolen based on the words of one man, that says a lot about the republicans. If you paid attention he started planting the seeds for this big lie over 6 months before the election, maybe you should ask yourselves why?




I'm guessing you supported Hillary when she said and did what she did. Maybe you should ask yourself why?


As usual another of those pathetic people who don't have a clue what socialism is. And President Biden - the man elected by the American people to move out us out of the cesspool left behind by the Former Gay - is doing a wonderful job giving all of us hope for a better nation. His speech yesterday honoring the more than half-a-million dead of the trump virus was one of the most powerful I have ever seen. This is what a President does, expresses empathy and an understanding of the loss we all feel. The Former Guy never acknowledged the thousands he killed.

My wife was murdered by a drunk driver in 1961 and for sixty years I still think about her almost daily - her soft voice and her musical laugh. It does get easier with time, but her loss will always be felt.




Sorry for the loss of your wife, but maybe you should be more like her.


Maybe NorthLong, you should have left it at “Sorry for the loss of your wife”...


No, if he would be he wouldn't be the hateful person he currently is.


SMJ - I agree, I'm not sure if NorthLong's comment was just hateful or wishing for BigBob's death. Very sad and disrespectful to the memory of his wife.


Seems like everything has to be spelled out to you simple minded idiots. He should be like his wife, with her musical laughter and soft voice.

Why didn't you criticize this from BigBoob? Comment about Trump.

"Perhaps he will soon join Limbaugh, another disgusting hatemonger."

Is it because you 2 are hypocrites?




So that would of made him about 18 years old. The fact is he spews so much that most are not going to be sensitive because nothing is credible. Joe gave his speech on those lost and he lost it. We've all lost loved ones, be strong and move on. Wishing death on others that are still alive, that sounds like a "domestic terrorist" especially to a former President. Along with the "former gay" comment also makes it a hate crime.

Too old for this

If only.


What is it with those that have to spin a comment way out of context? I understood it to be exactly as NorthLong meant. Musical laugh and soft voice, something BB does not embrace in his commentary. AND another correction. It is the CHINA Covid 19 virus, not the Trump virus.



Too old for this

Apparently, Biden hasn't already spent all of your money yet.





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