Editor: I am imploring to City Council members that helicopters not be allowed to perform skydiving or limitless sight seeing tours outside of airport take off and landings.

Thank you to Council members Jim Dolan and Michele Lin who voted to evaluate current ordinance stopping these types of economic pursuits. Sedona, Las Vegas, Hawaiian and Alaskan cities are stopping and demanding oversight of the helicopter nuisances.

Sedona has passed ordinance excluding flights in city limits. “The fox is guarding the hen house” on Lake Havasu City. Community life is not considered in the face of raising money via greed to exploit Lake Havasu, an Ancient Oasis, that cannot be ruined any longer. Preserve our quiet enjoyment of our residences. Stop ruining the outdoors!

Sedona should be an example of how Lake Havasu should value a master planned community established as a get away destination to enjoy the desert’s therapeutic existence. Please value the oasis that has existed for millions of years without human damage. Value Mr. McCulloch’s vision of an Oasis in the desert.

I don’t get to hear the sounds of quails and turkey vultures anymore — only helicopters!

Quiet and peaceful enjoyment of an ancient water way shouldn’t be “robbed” from those of us who live here because we love the desert. Stop selling our future to the highest bidder - who usually just want our warmth and sunshine. Value it. Don’t put it up for sale.

Christy Cunningham

Lake Havasu City


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Lake Havasu is rapidly becoming a circus town.


1947 all the clowns are coming from across the river!


yup - Please educate us and name some of these clowns? I am willing to bet you cannot name a single "clown" who has moved here from "across the river"! You said it, now prove it!


I don't know about "clowns" coming from CA, but I do know of one that got the "boot" from his twinplex

Too old for this

1502, for a start.

Too old for this

It seems so out of place for someone like you, who posts all sorts of dubious claims to come here demanding someone else to prove their own claim. What kind of proof would you need, and where do we mail that proof to so that you can receive it? Does Ludlow have home delivery of mail?


47 (IQ?) - Nope, just more of your usual BS.


One tick above yours!


Pretty sure there are bigger issues to complain about. Crime, housing, water bills, roads, trash, fire hazards, drownings, shall I go on?


I at times wonder if the city too lenient when it comes to law enforcement. It seems there may be a concern that enforcing laws will cast an unwelcoming shadow on the fun city in the sun.


1947, Just after the City incorporated and rolled out LHC PD in 1979 our Cali visitors came up with a “motto” for LHC, “Came on vacation, went home on probation”! Fun times back in ‘80s! [thumbup][whistling][wink][beam] Deaton


Havasu could learn a lot from Sedona, but then again Sedona is a bastion of "liberalism!" And what about Havasu's grand tradition of free enterprise! Keep government out of my cockpit!


Lake Havasu City should be like Sedona? I don't think so! Let the birds fly, all species of them, especially the Robinsons.

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