Editor: Thank goodness we’re getting back to the normalcy of 2008-2016 when America was no longer “first” and couldn’t apologize enough to the world. For those of you who voted for that normalcy, well, congratulations! You have so much to be proud of and even more thankful for.

Let’s see now, in just a few short weeks, the oil pipeline was shut down and thousands of jobs lost and gas prices went up $1.00. The southern boarder wall construction stopped and thousands of immigrants now pouring across the side open borders and bringing covid with them. China and Russia are once again rattling sabers and flexing muscles and talking war-talk, after all, who would stop them? Congress folks now flying across the county to incite “mobs” and urging them to “get more confrontational.”

We have neighbors tattling on neighbors who have violated covid masking and confinement regulations and threats on defunding and disabling police units and threats of gun confiscations from regular citizens. For the anti-gun, lawless groups, these biggies for you! And for those wokesters who hate free speech or the truth, you need not worry since Big Tech and Big Corp have all but shut down anything from the opposing sides.

And for those who believe that all White Christian Conservatives are evil and racist and need to be marginalized or neutralized, you soon will enjoy a field day bur degradation must come before annihilation so please be patient. Political bipartisanship is a thing of the past and since the inmates are now in charge of the D.C. asylum, only executive orders along with the shredding of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, will get the job done. For those who voted for pure Socialism, you must be in Heaven for freedom now belongs to a select, elite few. Hopefully you are fortunate enough to be one of those “chosen few.”

Aren’t you elated that so much “peace” and “hope and “tranquility” have returned to your lives? Thank God you finally got rid of that “Orange” guy who wrote mean tweets every day and put “America First.”

D. Borton

Lake Havasu City


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Lil bOb You're a captain of Ideological Subversion and a very sick unit! Thank you for articulating it in black and white to help others to understand.>

Good Work rovR!



The American people approve of President Biden’s – the man elected by the American people to give each of us hope for a better America and to rid our nation of the buffoon who spent four years trying to destroy our county – approvals across the board are all positive;

%3% approve of his handling of the job.

59% say he’s doing a good job of keeping his promises.

66% approve of his handling of the COVID nightmare dumped on our nation by the Former Guy.

54% approve of his handling both racial injustice and the environment.

52% say he is an excellent Commander in Chief.

51% approve of his handling the economy.

50% support his positions on taxes.

53% say he has the correct priorities.

57% say he cares about the average American.

56% say he is doing a good job of effectively managing the government.

Deplorable Neanderthal

“%3% approve of his handling of the job.”

That’s about the only true stat, the rest is laughable.


Very perceptive letter, D. Unfortunately, you are correct.


I just wish the Administration would hurry up and fix the"God-awful" mess at the Border before they have to make a second print run on Kamala's Superhero book. You go, Girl!


We will get back to norm when we get rid of our weekend at Bernie`s president .

Deplorable Neanderthal

Hidin’ Biden slipped yesterday by saying he couldn’t take anymore questions or he would get in trouble. So he knows he’s not mentally capable of handling the pressing questions of the day and his handlers (the ones really running the country) will be upset with his gaffes machine of a mouth. Team Hidin’ Bidin and Kacklin’ Kamala they’re here to screw the good ole USA.


100% correct the fools are destroying America !


The "orange guy" NEVER put our nation first. He lied constantly while doing the work of Putin and lining the pockets of the wealthy. Thank God the American people stepped up and elected President Biden, the man who has given each of us hope for a better America as he cleans up the god-awful mess left behind by the "orange guy."

Deplorable Neanderthal

Waiter this progressive needs more cheese with his whine.


Good Lord, it never ends. He's gone, can we move along now? Your obsession with #45, Donald J Trump, is ridiculous!

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