Declare a mistrial of Derek Chauvin

Editor: The simularities between the Salem witch trials of the 1690s and the recent Derek Chauvin trial in Minneapolis are astounding. Included in the comparison is mass hysteria, threat of mob violence, unfounded accusations, intimidation of witnesses, leaders throwing people under the bus and the current addition of a world media feeding frenzy headed by the Associated Press and TV media.

From the beginning the press treated this case as racially motivated and didn’t use the word alleged when statements were made about the charges against Derek Chauvin, in many cases he was referred to as the murderer in plain language. It is agreed this was a racial incident.

If you were a juror would you have risked you and your family’s life on a not guilty verdict? How about the judge and his family? Even the defense attorney was subjected to intimidation and threats. The media, black organizations that were hanging out in the streets ready to riot at an unpopular decision and the Minneapolis authorities are all guilty of jury tampering and intimidation, a mistrial should be declared.

The City of Minneapolis awarding the Floyd family $29,000 before the trial was held was a true condemnation of Chauvin. Live courtroom coverage sent around the world was intended to influence public opinion and assured that Chauvin could not receive a fair trial anywhere in the U.S.

Faces of jurors, the defense and the judge were exposed through the media, leaving them all vulnerable.

Because of this travesty I am ashamed to admit I ever resided in Minnesota and feel the state owes a huge apology to the rest of the nation and the world. It has been said if you can’t learn from your past mistakes you are bound to repeat them.

Please no more Salem Witch trials because currently we are in danger of stepping over the line and make the same mistakes as the 1920-1940 Germans and Russians.

D.L. Meyer

Lake Havasu City


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Actually, the settlement was 27 million during jury selection.

And for "Lit'l Bobber", now it's "over ten minutes"? Stick to the facts. Chauvin isn't a large man (you probably weighed more in the 6th grade), Floyd is a big man (on dope) resisting arrest, pleading for his Momma.

If Momma did such a good job, why was he a career criminal? Why do you lie so much, were you an enabled child too?

It's amazing how you support criminals but not due process...then accuse others of crime, all the time. You're a farce, fictional writer. The joke of the "woke", not even credible or believable.


You can't administer justice when the participants and their families are being threatened. This venue should have been moved.


How nice to see someone who feels kneeling on a person's neck for over ten minutes as he pleads for his life is acceptable. Here's a thought D. L. why don't you volunteer to lay on the pavement and let some large person kneel on your neck for ten minutes? Or like Hannity saying he would volunteer to be water-boarded are you a coward?

No mistrial. The jury did the right thing. Now that disgrace of a human being needs to go away - in gen pop - for a very, very long time.


wish somebody would kneel on you


Bhahahah!! [thumbup]


Don't think anyone said the verdict was wrong, but that the environment around the trial was extremely interruptive to the process. Good chance he'll get another trial, thanks to leftie Maxine(the most unethical Rep in the country) Waters. And if he does, it's the process we created, and afforded to every American.


BB the hate monger of Havasu was up early this morning, “again”! With his professionally prepared mixture of lies and propaganda, liberally sprinkled with insults and hubris. Always here, day after day, like an annoying pimple on the posterior of the City! Where’s the “Clearacil” when you need it? [thumbdown][tongue][whistling] Deaton

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