Editor: Interesting fact for a change. Last evening I was watching a 1972 rerun of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He featured a Lake Havasu City resident that explained the workings of the Pancake Flipping race across the London Bridge. Johnny participated in the race and lost to the young lady on the Tonight Show set. He was invited to participate in the real thing but I don’t believe he ever showed up. Is there anyone in town who remembers this competition and will help in reviving a tradition that would be fun and a detraction from all the death, destruction and mayhem heaped on the citizens of Lake Havasu City and beyond. The rules were simple, involving early English clothing and the need to make a complete flip of a pancake in a pan at the start, middle and end of the race. If you dropped the pancake you needed to pick it up, flip the cake and continue to the finish. It sounded like the idea is founded in English tradition.

Flipping pancakes and running across a bridge may sound kind of silly but maybe a little silliness is needed in this messed-up world.

D.L. Meyer

Lake Havasu City


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