Editor: Holly, Holly, Holly, how could you do this to me? All along you have been in bed with the Antifa and Black Lives Matter people. Never once did I see a letter in the paper condemning those felons who killed a lot of people, raped, looted burned down blocks of businesses and when arrested got released the next morning to do it all over due to Vice President Kamala Harris’ bail release fund. now after one little indecent at the capital, which was all set up and put in motion by the Democrats, and now you want all the Trump supporters to be put in jail? That means all jails will be full and the Antifa and BLM members will get a free ride thanks to their lovers the Democrats.

Dale Woller

Lake Havasu City


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What "little indecent" happened at the capitol? I suppose the thousands of morons who followed the instructions of the Former Guy to attack our nation's capitol, kill and main scores of people, threaten to assassinate the Vice-President and Speaker of the House while flying that disgusting Confederate rag and all that MAGA trash were being a "little indecent."


Let me be your English teacher today. A score is 20 or about 20, so scores would be multiples of 20, how many were actually killed and "mained"(whatever that is)? The Confederate Flag(rag?) is part of the history of this country. Carried by Republican's and Democrats alike during the Civil War. If we "cancel" our history, how will we know if we have gotten better? How will we know that our fight was successful? You cannot talk about the Civil War, but can talk about WWI, WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam war, the Gulf War, how does that make sense. We should relish our history, do better by it, and move forward. Make America Great Again, is a forever mantra for all of us. We should be proud of our country, and you my not so friend, seem to pick and choose your "battles", to suit your own narrative. I have yet to call you a "moron", or Bidens somewhat plagiarized command of "Bring America Back" as trash. I am an American, I don't pick and choose my Americanism, I wear is proudly. Biden is not who I voted for, but he is the president. Do I worry about his health, YES, but don't wish him harm. You need to take a break, and think about, as a supposed "media" person, your hateful responses to others, and get your own ducks in a row. You're posts read as if they were taken from Trump, the one person you so adamantly hate!

Too old for this

It takes an amazing amount of chutzpah for you to make fun of anyone's misspelled words. You must have needed several editors to review your coloring books before they could be self-published.

There were not "thousands" of Trump supporters attacking the Capitol. There were thousands of peaceful protesters (you Libs like that term) and some other knuckleheads who decided that they were above the law. The % of each was approximately the same as the % that loot and burn nightly in Portland, but far less than the % that stole 6 square blocks of private property in Seattle and tried to create their own little CHAZ. Please stop making things up. Show us where the Orange guy instructed anyone to attack the Capitol. Show us your source for ANY of your comments.


If you took some time to watch the clowns impeachment proceedings it was presented in clear, easy to understand words, pictures and videos! Stop imitating those politically motivated morons like Cruz, Hawley and Greene, to name a few! Talk about chutzpah, you are the one with the audacity to act the expert and English teacher here, you surely have no conscience and definitely no moral compass! Engage brain before opening mouth!


Take your own advise......

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