Editor: It is so sad and stupid that voters did not fact check and see that Mark Kelly had business dealings with China. You think maybe he just might be compromised in more ways than one? He spent a lot of time in China. I think we have a lot of people in Washington who love China and do as they say. Think it’s all about money?

Dale Woller

Lake Havasu City


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The ever-goofy Typhoid Donnie Moron Brigade continues to make a big deal of Senator Elect Mark Kelly’s investments in the business he co-founded with a major Chinese business. What these idiots ignored is that our appointed loser McSally also had investments tied to Chinese companies.

According to her most recent financial disclosure form McSally held investments in Chinese companies or bonds issued by China’s communist government. Among those companies is the technology company Tencent, which invested in Kelly’s World View Enterprises that became the focal point of GOP attacks against Senator Elect Kelly.


It's ok for a democrat to have a financial deal with a Chinese business, but not a republican. Remember when you screamed about the patents Trump's wife had with China? Mighty hypocritical of you.

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