Editor: Time mends all! I this time of limited isolation, I find the need to turn from our human perspective to one of heart, our spiritual nature. I’m as guilty as others in my editorial observations. Sorry if I offended anyone.

There is enough blame to go around as well as positive points of view to be found without character assassinations. No doubt we are inundated with the immorality of all types that would serve each other in a more constructive manner if we could focus on the positive.

We are currently being given the opportunity for some introspective reflection, a time of prayer, a time of reformation and transformation.

This is a time when then true metal of who we are as a nation, when we set our differences aside and take on the responsibility for the good of all our people and of the nation.

A time for restoration and resolve. We all need to really pray about our behavior as well as act upon it.

Daniel F. Tondre

Lake Havasu City


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