The monthly meeting of the Mohave County Democrat Party “Letter Writing Bee” seems to have met early this month. A quick scan of the “News-Herald” revealed two letters from two malcontents trashing our President’s “State of the Union” address and our Congressman Paul Gosar.

Dave Tunnell writes that Gosar called for the arrest and deportation of the Democrat-invited illegal “dreamer” aliens as they entered the U.S. Capitol Building for the SOTU, stating this act would have been “unconstitutional!” However, Tunnell, as usual, fails to explain why these lawful arrests would be unlawful due to that “pesky constitution”.

Bill Thomas follows Tunnel, trashing Gosar! He states that Gosar doesn’t represent the “views of a majority of Arizonans.” Tell me Bill, just how did Gosar get elected if he doesn’t represent the views of the majority of voters in Arizona District 4? Bill continues his screed by equating everyone who doesn’t agree with his views as beer drinking, small minded, hate filled, crack pot, fringe bigots, with Confederate Flags stapled to their walls, and who are “hijacking” our democracy! Bill can’t wait for the battle of “Conspiracy Theories” between Gosar and Kelli Ward for McCain’s Senate seat. Hey Bill, I’ll be voting in 2018 for Gosar and Colonel Martha McSally when “The Flake’s’” Senate term expires!

Oh, and Bill, can I borrow your staple gun? My “Confederate Flag” needs some more stapling to the wall.

The political cartoon in the Feb. 1 issue of the Today’s News-Herald perfectly represent Bill & Dave.

Dave Eaton

Lake Havasu City


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Trump is now the poster child for the Republicans, lies, Stormy, bankruptcies, 4 indictments of his key staff so far, so glad they are so proud.


One thing that cannot be ignored, Republicans do an excellent job of "trashing" themselves and all the"malcontents" do is point out Republican ignorance and stupidly. Don't want to be "trashed," stop doing trashy things.

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