Presidents, by the very nature of their job, have to put up with with a lot of criticism, and Donald Trump gets more than his share of, well, downright insults.

Take, for example, the recent remarks from the British ambassador to the U.S., Kim Darroch, whose unvarnished views about the president, contained in leaked diplomatic cables, described Trump as “insecure,” “dysfunctional,” “inept” and “unpredictable.”

Trump fired back Tuesday calling Darroch “wacky,” “a very stupid guy” and “a pompous fool.” He proceeded to broaden his response by attacking Prime Minister Theresa May for her “failed” handling of the Brexit negotiations, saying he advised her on how to deal with the issue, “but she went her own foolish way” and “was unable to get it done. A disaster!”

Obviously, the ambassador’s leaked confidential cable was an embarrassment for the May administration, but Trump’s rash decision to attack the prime minister did more harm than good.

“In a stroke, the cables appeared to undercut an intense English charm campaign to win over Trump, who was feted by Queen Elizabeth II, had tea with Prince Charles and commemorated a D-Day victory during an official state visit last month,” The Washington Post said on Wednesday.

But Trump didn’t stop there. He stepped up his criticism by saying he would “no longer deal with” Darroch, who was disinvited from a Monday dinner with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and the emir of Qatar.

As of late Tuesday, the State Department has not been told to end all its contact with the ambassador, waiting, no doubt, to see if Great Britain decided to recall him.

That didn’t happen because Darroch resigned Wednesday.

Instead, the political squabble over Trump’s remarks about May has become a divisive issue in the upcoming election to replace her.

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who is likely to oppose Trump favorite and front-runner Boris Johnson in the race, sharply criticized Trump’s remarks in a live TV debate Tuesday night, earning Hunt the biggest applause line of the evening.

“I think (Trump’s) comments about Teresa May were unacceptable and he shouldn’t have made them,” Hunt said.

Hunt had tweeted earlier in the day that “If I become PM our Ambassador stays.”

Then in the evening debate, he again promised to keep Darroch in his ambassador’s post until his retirement in 2020. Johnson, on the other hand, has refused to say whether or not he would recall Darroch.

All of this is enormously sad because of the special relationship and alliance that America has long had with Great Britain.

“One White House official said it was ‘unfortunate’ what had happened with Trump’s comments because there previously had been ‘a very strong relationship,’” The Washington Post reported.

All of that is now endangered due to some name-calling that future generations will little note nor long remember.

Politics is a rough-and-tumble business. It isn’t the kind of work for the fainthearted.

Perhaps the most famous exchange of insults came in a blistering letter Harry Truman wrote to Washington Post music critic Paul Hume, who had written a scathing review of his daughter’s soprano voice in a concert she gave at Constitution Hall.

“Miss Truman cannot sing very well. She is flat a good deal of the time -- more last night than at any time we have heard her recital when one can relax. ... She communicates almost nothing of the music she presents,” Hume wrote, in part.

In an angrily written letter, Truman responded this way: “Mr. Hume: I’ve just read your lousy review of Margaret’s concert. ... I’ve come to the conclusion that you are an ‘eight ulcer man on four ulcer pay,’” he wrote.

“Some day I hope to meet you. When that happens you’ll need a new nose, a lot of beefsteak for black eyes, and perhaps a supporter below!” the president said.

His letter sparked a torrent of criticism from voters who bitterly admonished him for his “undue ‘concern’ over your daughter’s music career” while our soldiers were dying in World War II.

As for Trump, he had better understand that criticism goes with the presidency. Get over it.

Donald Lambro has been covering Washington politics for more than 50 years as a reporter, editor and commentator.


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For some reason Sadly Uninformed seems to consider answering his queries is “taking the bait?” Tap me out, I am through dealing with fools.


Sadly Uninformed wants me to provide “a list of your towering literary works and accomplishments?” I apologize I cannot do that because nothing I have written can be considered as a “towering literary work.” But to assuage your ravings I can assure you the Mohave County library does have some of my books. I currently have seven books in print and I have written hundreds of articles dealing with travel, nostalgia and mostly Route 66. I was cautioned a few years ago by the newspaper to not list my works because that could be considered an ad. Why Sadly Uninformed insists upon making ignorant statements, such as “…I seriously doubt it!” and my shrapnel setting off metal detectors is just more of his rambling ignorance. And BTW the library does not have “metal detectors” they have RFID detectors.


So Hwy, we have established that your books are on the shelf in our local library! But, you can’t reveal the titles ‘cause the TNH would consider that as advertising. Perhaps, you can provide the author’s name? Then as a sadly uninformed individual I could check the “Dewey Decimal” computer listings for books by authors name which IS ?????. Could you fill in the blanks? I don’t think I’ll find anything under “HwyRovr” or Bob Moore. I can’t wait to be enlightened about your “travel, nostalgia and mostly Route 66“ experiences. About those RFID detectors, do you set those off too? Before you say it, that vast empty space, I’m thinking about a sun deck, and in ground pool. Get use to it I’ll be here everyday, until the editor deletes me! [thumbup][beam] Sadly uninformed fool Deaton


Sadly Uninformed just can’t stop posting utterly ridiculous comments. This one I really like, “I don’t think I’ll find anything under “HwyRovr” or Bob Moore.” I have always written under Bob Moore, why would I do anything else? And HwyRovr has been my “handle” (along with my license plate) since the early 90s. And no Sadly Uninformed I do not set off RFID detectors. You need to seriously do some research before making such a ridiculous statement. The only accurate statement in your recent screed is, “Sadly uninformed fool Deaton.” - - - - - - - - - I will leave the decision up to the editor to delete the following. I misspoke, I currently have eight books in print not seven: non fiction – “Route 66: Spirit of the Mother Road” – “The Complete Guidebook and Atlas to Route 66” (with Rich Cunningham) – “Trailer Trash: The World of Trailers and Mobile Homes in the Southwest” (now in its fourth printing). Fiction – the trilogy, “… and Thursdays Child…”, “… Has Far to Go.”, and “You Can Run…”; the horror crime series, “Parker’s First: Death Valley Terror”, “Parker’s Second: Rocky Mountain Die” and currently being written “Parker’s Third: Border Vengeance.” Out of print are “Route 66: The Illustrated Guidebook to the Mother Road” – “Route 66: A guidebook to the Mother Road” – “Zenith Transoceanic: The Radio Powered to Tune the World” and “Craps with Confidence.” I also published the first quarterly publication devoted to Route 66, “The Mother Road Journal” from 1990 to 1993. Some of my recent articles include, the cab forward engines of the Union Pacific – the Railway Express Agency – S& H Green Stamps – The Dwarf Car Museum – The mystery of Nekoma, ND – Japanese Interment Camps of WW2 – The Morocco Cars of 1957/58 and Death Valley to name just a few. You might be interested in doing a search for “Bob Moore Route 66” along with for an interesting interview I did a few years ago. I also produced The Route 66 Radio Show that can still be heard on stations around the county and can be heard weekly on-line at And to be honest I sincerely hope your nonsesne is never deleted because you always provide everything from a smirk to an outright belly laugh with your....uhh, comments.


Hwy, you amaze me, you take the bait every time! Thanks for the list of your literary works. I’ll check these out Bob [thumbup][beam]


A sadly misinformed individual, who finds facts to be anathema, has attempted to blame President Obama for funding cuts for NASA, However one must remember it is Congress who controls the purse strings, not the White House. A president must find a way to bring Congress along on funding priorities, and thanks to the Republicans the Obama Administration was unable to do so. Republicans spent most of the President’s time in office cutting, capping, or sequestering discretionary spending, BTW most science agency budgets are discretionary and move in unison with the overall discretionary budget. Between FY 2010 and FY 2016 the discretionary budget (excluding war funding and other emergencies) dropped by over ten percent. These actions – the result of the Tea Party backlash in 2010 had major effects on science and innovation agencies.- - - - As to the Vietnam War, I was never too concerned with who was responsible for getting us involved – BTW that was Eisenhower who sent in the first “advisers” in February of 1955. What concerned me was Tricky Dicky and his actions that kept us in country after he promised to get us out of Vietnam during his 1968 lie-fest, uhh campaign. That was followed in 1969 by the crook claiming, “…the Vietnam War is coming to a ‘conclusion as a result of the plan that we have instituted.’” Nixon’s pronouncement proved premature. In April 1970, he expanded the war by ordering U.S. and South Vietnamese troops to attack communist locations. Prior to Tricky Dicky I was never too concerned with politics, after he disgraced the office of the presidency I returned to world, joined VVAW and have been exposing Republican trash ever since. Now we can expect the sadly informed individual to, once again, whine about the facts I have posted.


So Rovr, you spent from 7-20-19 at 10:25am to 7-21-19 at 3:01pm with your “Stack-O-BS”, composing this screed to finally make your point that I’m a “sadly uninformed individual” Now who has rent free space? But again you prove my point in a previous comment, you have no life! Now on to VVAW “Vietnam Veterans Against the War” a radical leftist organization composed mostly of disgruntled Army Draftees, who included former Senator & Presidential Dimocrat candidate, who was practicing “stolen valor” when he tossed his somewhat dubiously documented “Purple Heart” decoration over the White House fence and testified before a congressional committee that his fellow veterans in the Nam were killing and burning Vietnamese civilians in a manner reminiscent of “Ghangus Kan”. That former Senator is none other than John “Unfit for command” Kerry. I suppose that your a big Fan Boy of Mr. Kerry’s”[angry][scared] Maybe you can get an invite from Kerry to visit his Yacht that he hides out in Rhode Island to avoid Massachusetts personal property TAX, Bring it on Rovr! [thumbup][beam]


Sadly Uniformed just cannot help himself when it comes to spewing nonsense. I was a proud member of VVAW and was not "disgruntled Army Draftee." I am a Marine and had planned to make the Corps a career, but following my third wounding I was forced out and returned to the World. What Senator Kerry's actions have to do with my comments is beyond me and to be honest I am not "fan-boy" of anyone (such a term is often used by the intellectually challenged to suggest a person is gay). ------ It might be beneficial for readers to actually read Senator Kerry’s’ testimony from 1971 - After a brief supportive statement from Senator Javits, Kerry read his prepared opening statement stating "I would like to say for the record, and also for the men behind me who are also wearing their uniforms and their medals, that my sitting here is really symbolic. I am not here as John Kerry. I am here as one member of the group of veterans in this country, and were it possible for all of them to sit at this table they would be here and have the same kind of testimony." "The men behind me" refers to members of VVAW and others who came to the committee to hear Kerry testify. ------ Kerry then explained the Winter Soldier Investigation, which took place earlier that year in Detroit, Michigan. ...I would like to talk, representing all those veterans, and say that several months ago in Detroit, we had an investigation at which over 150 honorably discharged and many very highly decorated veterans testified to war crimes committed in Southeast Asia, not isolated incidents but crimes committed on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command. It is impossible to describe to you exactly what did happen in Detroit, the emotions in the room, the feelings of the men who were reliving their experiences in Vietnam, but they did. They relived the absolute horror of what this country, in a sense, made them do. They told the stories at times they had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, tape wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the country side of South Vietnam in addition to the normal ravage of war, and the normal and very particular ravaging which is done by the applied bombing power of this country. We who have come here to Washington have come here because we feel we have to be winter soldiers now. We could come back to this country; we could be quiet; we could hold our silence; we could not tell what went on in Vietnam, but we feel because of what threatens this country, the fact that the crimes threaten it, not reds, and not redcoats but the crimes which we are committing that threaten it, that we have to speak out." ------ Kerry described the anger and betrayal felt by Vietnam War veterans, then moved on to political issues: "In our opinion, and from our experience, there is nothing in South Vietnam, nothing which could happen that realistically threatens the United States of America. And to attempt to justify the loss of one American life in Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos by linking such loss to the preservation of freedom, which those misfits supposedly abuse, is to use the height of criminal hypocrisy, and it is that kind of hypocrisy which we feel has torn this country apart." ----- Kerry expressed his belief that nothing in Vietnam threatened the United States, and that, "We found also that all too often American men were dying in those rice paddies for want of support from their allies. We saw firsthand how money from American taxes was used for a corrupt dictatorial regime. We saw that many people in this country had a one-sided idea of who was kept free by our flag, as blacks provided the highest percentage of casualties. We saw Vietnam ravaged equally by American bombs as well as by search and destroy missions, as well as by Vietcong terrorism, and yet we listened while this country tried to blame all of the havoc on the Vietcong." ----- I am aware Sadly Misinformed will, as usual, take umbrage at my use of actual quotes in place of hyperbolic nonsense, however I should point out I am a writer, and a rather successful one at that, and there is little I enjoy more than doing actual research to debunk trash, nonsense and lies posted by the intellectually challenged.


Boy Howdy Hwy, you showed me a thing or two! [beam] I see it took until 0100 hrs. To find, then “copy & paste” John “unfit for command” Kerry’s transcribed testimony! Thank you, you made my point exactly [beam] However, right there in your first sentence is a glaring “misspelling”. I guess you didn’t have time to have DKing “proof read” this RANT? I wonder, from the tone and tenor of your rather lengthy “comment” you must have been “SETTING OFF METAL DETECTORS” all over town,[scared][scared][censored] Perhaps Z-quill and melatonin tablets will help you with your sleep deprivation? Have a good one Rovr! [thumbup][beam] from the “Uninformed Individual” [sleeping]


One good thing about living rent free in the head of a fool is the massive amount of vacant space. One bad thing about living rent free in the head of a fool is the unbelievable cost of furnishing so much empty space.


I wouldn't believe one darn thing a politician has to say. There is way too much extreme left/right in todays politics which causes the mess this country is in today.


Hwy, your 09:02 hrs. comment was just another “copy & paste” from your “Stack-O-BS”! In your previous rant you brag that “You’re a writer, and a rather SUCCESSFUL one at that”! Perhaps you could provide this uninformed individual and other readers in TODAY’S news herald of a list of your towering literary works and accomplishments? Are these books, thesis’s, magazine articles, anything that could be obtained at the local library? Maybe I’m wrong, but I seriously doubt it! [beam] Just so you know, the Mohave County Library has “METAL DETECTORS” at the door, wouldn’t want you to set them off and scaring the library patrons when you go in to do your extensive research for your literary career, following your tour with the USMC in the NAM! Hey Rovr, you have a great day or night or when ever it is that your up, out and about. [thumbup][beam] We “Luv” man!


"...and Donald Trump gets more than his share of, well, downright insults." Oh, my no. The lying draft dodger gets nowhere need the number of insults he deserves!

Djanga Unchained

🥫 of 🌽 here is a prime example of the comment below.


Rovr, up late again last night! Might want to try some Zquill. I may be wrong, but I don’t think the President checks the “News-Herald” web page every morning to see what’s going on in “comments land” looking for your “Stack-O-Insults” which you copy and paste on a daily basis. The President has other things going on like the “Best economy in 60 years”, lowering my taxes, and lowest minority unemployment EVER! I’ll see you at the voting booth in Nov 3, 2020 where I’ll cast my ballot to re-elect PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020. [thumbup][beam]


Oh, and by the way, Rovr, have a happy MOON LANDING DAY, [thumbup][beam]


I honor our landing on the moon each year on the anniversary as one of the greatest achievements of our nation while now sadly realizing with a lying draft dodger squatting in our White House we never again achieve such greatness. Unfortunately I was not able to watch the moon landing as it took place because I fighting for my life in a SE Asia jungle and watching my fellow Marines die.


Hwy, I believe it was our last President, Mr. Obama, who was in the process of directing the NASA funding toward, as I recall, “Muslim outreach”? What ever that is? Oh and that war in SE Asia, I was there too on Moon landing day. Guess who got us involved in that war? I believe that would a President of your Democrat persuasion, one JFK! Who was the President of the same persuasion who expanded the conflict, one LBJ! Now let’s keep the “Squad” in the headlines, PLEASE! [thumbup][beam][rolleyes]

Djanga Unchained

“I lied,” Elizabeth McCarthy told state investigators, Florida Politics reported. "It is a false statement." Because democrats and libs lie about everything. Can of corn lies, Hillary lies, holder lies, Billy Boy lies - They all do, and expect everyone to believe them. PFFT


If any of them told the truth they may have to agree with Trump on some things. If they would have admitted there was a crisis at the border many months ago when Trump said there was one and done something about it we wouldn't be in the position we are today. But now the Democrats want to blame everyone except themselves.

Djanga Unchained


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