Editor: I was appalled at the letter from Mary Ruth regarding the police and I am sure I was not the only one. As suggested by the letter from Diane Corder, maybe she should do a ride along with Lake Havasu City police. She would learn a lot!

 Our police are highly trained and led by Chief Dan Doyle, who is one of the best! He expects and receives the proper action from his officers with courtesy and respect to the public at all times. I have had to call on them for help twice and the response was quick and decisive. They took care of everything and could not have handled things better.

My husband was so impressed he took a class that was offered that explained just what our police do, day in and day out. He was amazed at all the training and how many jobs they do besides daily patrol. He took another course and became a C.O.P., Citizens on Patrol. He has been doing that on a weekly basis for six years now. He donates over 300 hours a year and enjoys helping the police and meeting the public. He has the utmost respect for our police force.

I happen to know many letters from the public were received in support of our police, so a lot of citizens feel as I do. 

We are all lucky to live in such a great city.  

Dorothy Zacavich

Lake Havasu City


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49yr resident

Baa ha ha! Just ask other law athorities,like calf. Or even our sheriff dept.Ask them about our locals finest. They are the worst ever seen. Sorry to burst your bubble Dorthy.

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