Editor: This is a plea from an independent voter who used to vote Democrat to the Democrat Party, the Democrat Presidential candidates, the Democrat Congress and their cohorts in the media: Stop, stop, stop your constant, insane attacks upon the president. Threatening to put the president of the United States in prison? Isn’t it a crime to threaten the president? Have you all lost your minds? Would we stand for these attacks if they came from a foreign country? If you hate Donald Trump so much then why not try to convince the voters that you’re a better deal and they should turn him out of office in 2020? Or are you afraid you cannot do that? The way you act and speak, if you were a foreign country I would reenlist to fight you to the death because I believe you are hell bent on destroying our country. Start acting like Americans. Or, short of that, try acting like adults.

Ed Schweizer

Lake Havasu City


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I agree with Ed on this one. The constant attacks by the Dems and the media against a sitting president are just hurting themselves. It is growing really old and a lot of people are getting really tired the the constant complaining. In my opinion, they would be smart to just shut their mouths and continue with the investigations. Once they can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt that impeachable offenses have been committed, then Congress should act. The way the Dems are going there won't be any I will be interested in voting for and that is sad. There are some young, energetic and worthy candidates but if they believe that joining the group of complainers makes them look good they are sadly mistaken. Talk policies and potential solutions - that is what will get them elected. I believe the following link says it well. https://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/422080-why-americans-are-so-tired-of-trump-news


I am so glad the opposition party NEVER had a bad thing to say about President Obama! Come on, Tom, you cannot possibly be that naive? You pose an interesting conundrum with this line - Once they can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt that impeachable offenses have been committed... - With the draft dodging liar and his pathetic minions blocking each and every attempt to get to the bottom of this scummy administration it makes it all but impossible for the Democrats to get anything accomplished. Now, explain why the con-man is against being, as he says, fully transparent?


For my buddy HwyRovr. The way I believe our legal system works is: after being charged with a crime, a prosecutor then determines if enough evidence exists to prosecute the case. So first where are the charges of the crimes he committed. That is why I said let the investigations continue. Secondly where is the analysis of the chargeable offenses. Oh wait Trumps buddy is in charge of that isn't he. A long time well respected member of the bar and legal profession who has determined that there is not sufficient evidence in the Muller report to prosecute. And by omission by Muller himself wasn't that exactly what he was saying? A policy statement is not baked law. Could it be possible that tt was just his way of saying I don't believe there is sufficient evidence? He could have recommended impeachment but he didn't. Isn't that why he washed his hands of the report and threw the ball to Congress? And between the Dems and Repubs that hate Trump isn't there a sufficient number needed to impeach? We shall see, in the next few weeks but in the meantime Rome burns. So HwyRovr yes I am naive at times since I still believe there might be a few good men left in government regardless of their political party. And give me a break, "minions blocking each and every attempt" what a bunch of Pansies. Time to put on your big boy pants and either put up or shut up. The Dems have had 2 1/2 years in which to build their case along WITH a few Repubs that hate Trump. No different than the Repubs and Obama Care. They had years and years to do something but did nothing other than to eliminate the payment mandate. And yet I haven't seen the documentation of a SINGLE provable, impeachable and punishable offense as of today. And the same hold true with the media who are for the most part are playing the ratings game. I am going to end this posting although I have much more to say on the topic but this will suffice. "According to the study, 77 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning independents "feel worn out over how much news there is," compared to 61 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents." That to me says We-The-People are sick and tired of this nonsense and it is time to start governing. Just what has Congress accomplished in the last 2 1/2 years? And Congress DOES have the power to override the president if the legislation is significant. It has been done so yes even our politicians are PLAYING the ratings game. They need to stop acting like Trump and start doing job we elected them to do. And I will not vote for any Dem that strays into "I am also against Trump" which is really dumb. I am looking for a candidate who can tell me what their policies will be and how they intend to implement and pay for those policies. I am more interested in what they will try to accomplish in office after Trump is gone and he will be gone sooner or later. But We-The-People will still be here waiting for action by our elected representatives.


I'm sorry but I disagree. Do you remember how the republicans acted during President Obama's presidency? Most importantly, the complete lack of oversight by the republicans right now and their support of this guy demands that someone speak out! I don't like it either, but the current person in the White House is embarrassing...


Ed's grasp of sarcasm is always fun to read. I say that because no one could be so stupid as to actually think the draft dodging liar currently squatting in our White House means anything good for our nation. I'll give Eddy a chance to attempt to explain the following broken promises by the con-man: 1) He promised Mexico would pay for the wall, but now wants to saddle the American taxpayers with an expensive (well over $5 billion) ego edifice wall that will solve nothing, outside of proving yet again that walls don’t work. . 2) He promised he would replace the ACA – called Obamacare by the intellectually stunted - and it would cost us less and cover more people. However insurance companies are telling us with the abandonment of the individual mandate, rates are already increasing by 30% to 40% per year and will cover fewer people. 3) He promised he would release his taxes after he took office. He hasn't yet released them and is threatening to “sue Congress†to prevent the American people seeing the truth. What is he hiding? 4) He promised he would solve our trade deficit. After launching his trade wars, our trade deficit surged to an all time high. 5) He promised he would solve the budget deficit. Instead it has already doubled under his so-called leadership. 6) He promised us a better deal with Iran. But under the "new Trump deal" Iran can pursue nukes TODAY. And now he is lying (no surprise there) in hopes of leading us into yet another war. 7) Admittedly he did promise during the campaign that if we voted for Hillary, we'd have a president constantly under Federal investigation. And in that, he was correct.


Hwy what is your service history? What have you done to help any of the areas you have outlined above? My guess is that the answer is, creating well considered and mature comments, here in! By the way, during the Obama days, the fringe had control of freedom of speech. The media has done one thing positive that I can see, and that is we can now speak up.


I will admit to not having done much in the way of service since I returned from SE Asia in 1971. I came back thrice wounded to the point I still set off metal detectors and all but disenchanted with what our nation had become. I joined Veterans Against the War to fight against another lying loser, Nixon, who had promised to get us out of the war and instead escalated it. And when he cowardly resigned - for no other reason than to protect his pension - I was done with politics for a great many years. With the election of President Obama I felt strongly that our nation was on the right track - imagine, eight years of no scandals, indictments or prison sentences? I was a Liberal broadcaster in additon to being an author of books not related to politics. Now, to your comment, "...during the Obama days, the fringe had control of freedom of speech." Considering the eight-plus years of vitriolic hate spewed by the right-wing lunatic fringe against President Obama, I agree with you (but realize that is not what you were alluding to.

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