Editor: Have you been to Los Angeles lately? It is nothing short of a horror show. And parts of that horror show will be on the road soon as the traveling homeless head our way again. Just like the Broken Window theory sees minor crime escalating when it isn’t stopped, as word gets out that we not only tolerate the homeless on our beautiful streets, but often encourage and enable them, more will cross the Rio Colorado. I understand that folks have compassion and want to help, but giving money or food only exacerbates the problem. Do you think it can’t happen here? Remember Body Beach? Yes, it sounds cold hearted, but I have seen what happens when it is allowed to grow. It grows into another horror show. Don’t California my Arizona.

Ed Schweizer

Lake Havasu City


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Dawn King

But we sure do enjoy all those beautiful sunsets from the calif side of the river!




Ms. King, what I enjoy are the images of a big, beautiful, border WALL being constructed on our border to the SOUTH! Bring it on Rovr, MEXICO WILL PAY![thumbup][beam] CD




Here are some facts:

1) Border wall being constructed is a fence.

2) The fencing is upgrading existing fencing.

3) The upgrades were already negotiated under Obama.

4) There are signs of new fencing and levee walls to be constructed (that is, where a fence/levee doesn't already exist), however, either no contracts have been signed or construction isn't slated in the near future.

5) The Republicans did pass a double fence bill under Bush, however it was amended the next year to leave it up to DHS to decide if fencing is required in an area.

6) It was up to DHS to decide what fencing and where, not Obama.

7) Trump is lying to you


Another "Compassionate Conservative" heard from.


Another 'Loony Liberal' comment.

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