Editor: My gosh, those tree hugging climate change eggheads were right! The climate did change. Just a couple of weeks ago it was 120 degrees with clear blue skies. Look at it now! Clouds, thunder, lightning, rain and cold winds. How did those “scientists” know?

We definitely need to take some action. We could start with a ban on cars, power boats and those evil gas powered golf carts. That should get us started on the track back to high temps and clear skies. I doubt it will take more than a few months.

Ed Schweizer

Lake Havasu City


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Third Eye

Why would anyone be opposed to moving away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources? Could it be it cuts jobs? It does, especially in the fossil fuel industry. Does that mean there won't be other jobs to take their place? Not at all. The job market will have to change. What about the cars? The big three have concluded that their fleets will be all electric by 2035, many here in Havasu won't be around to see it but know that your grandkids will live in a cleaner world. Does the government have a role to play? Sure it does. It already plays a role in funding the fossil fuel industry. Why don't we give the same tax breaks and incentives to the green energy companies and see if they can compete...or better yet, let's take away all the support from the tax payer and let them sink or swim. We can do better and we need to quit passing the buck.


[thumbup] Third Eye


Why would anyone favor the change?

Third Eye

Why not choose how we change before we are forced to react to the environment?


Ed Schweizer... This makes one wonder, just what is it that the "right-wing" mindset has against scientific facts? Regardless if it's the virus or climate change. It's amazing how someone can be on the wrong side of reality with literally everything. Next you'll be claiming the world is flat.


Hey Twit, where’s BigBob today? Ed usually has him all fired up and blowing steam out of both ears by this time of day? Is this the day he gets the “Boot”? Maybe Third Eye is going to be a “fill-in” guest commenter to make up for BB? [thumbup][tongue][whistling][love] Deaton


You are right Deaton, maybe Bozo got the "boot" today.


"We could start with a ban on cars, power boats and those evil gas powered golf carts. " Most if not all of these items are already on the California new laws list. Those Californians are way ahead of us. But, don't worry this stuff will be here soon enough.


And all the elites keep flying around in their jets just like the important guy John Kerry.


Ed, thank you!


The stupidity is over-whelming! Big news story today, Lake Tahoe is drying up!


Lake Tahoe water level hits four-year low as drought pummels tourist spot! This is not the first time the lake level has dropped.

Third Eye

Tahoe’s water levels are the lowest they’ve been in five years, according to USGS data. Snow surveys on May 11 indicate California’s snowpack is just 6% of average for this date.

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