Editor: How in the world is it legal to set off explosives in the desert so close to residential areas that our windows rattle?

Our animals are terrified at each blast. Since it only seems to occur on weekends, I would guess that our loverly visitors from the west are probably the culprits.

They certainly can’t get their kicks blowing up targets in California, can they?

Is there nothing to be done to stop this insanity, or do we once again bow to the almighty tourist dollars and to hell with the full time residents.

Ed Schweizer

Lake Havasu City


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Kevin Murphy

Yep welcome to Az, guns and explosives for everyone!, funny how those who scream the loudest for no government are the first to want government to interfere with others rights when those rights bother them. Remember the spite fence ordinance so exuberantly pushed by the top conservative?

None Ya Biz Nez

America baby! Love it or leave it.


I suggest the latter option would be “just right” for you T-Eye, something to think about? [thumbup][wink] Deaton

HEY! Keep government out of or lives? Wanta blow something up? Go for it and to hell with what anyone thinks.

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