Editor: As someone who has hiked and climbed virtually every square inch of SARA Park, the proposed Thirty Mile Trail rather excites me. One day, I hiked a loop around SARA Park in a few hours and was dismayed at how small the park really is. Thirty miles ought to keep long-distance hikers satisfied, and it’s especially appealing to be near the water where the temperature tends to be cooler.

Apparently, however, some boaters believe such a trail would create conflict between hikers and boaters. I’m not so sure it would. Prime hiking season and prime boating season only overlap for a few months. For locals, at least, winter is too cold for a day on the lake, but it is excellent hiking weather. In the summer, most hikers are only out in the coolest times of day (if at all), while boaters are free to enjoy the lake.

For the times when hikers and boaters might cross paths, a possible solution is to keep the main trail a respectful distance from campsites as needed. When travelling between campsites, for instance, the trail could be closer to the water. When nearing a campsite, the path could shift farther away . This, in conjunction with a marked access trail to the campsite, would allow hikers to hike on by without disturbing campers while keeping their bearings along the route. As for hikers being disturbed by boat noise, the occasional speeding boat is far preferable to the constant grind of traffic on Havasu’s current long trail: the bike path along State Route 95.

I would be happy to share the trails with any boaters who want to stretch their legs.

Emily Ballain

Lake Havasu City


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