Editor: In the early 1960s I was assigned a new Navy ship in Norfolk, Virginia. Coming from California, this was a total cultural shock for my wife and me as we had never experienced the racial divide that existed at the time in the south. All bathrooms, water coolers and phone booths had a sign for dividing white and colored folks to use. We were able to rent an apartment, but it was restricted to whites only.

However, where it really hit home was during the presidential election in 1963. That was the first election we were able to participate in. We were really excited and eager to vote. So, off to the polls we went and then, after waiting (in the white-only line) we received our ballots and discovered we could not vote as we were registered Democrats. We objected and were handed a slip of paper, like all Democrats and people of color, and told we had to write in all the Democrat electors on the line for a Democrat candidate. (Lyndon Johnson’s name was not on the ballot.) Of course, we had no idea who the electors were, so we sadly left the polling station. Guess who won in the state? It was not Johnson. Fortunately, the US passed legislation to prevent that scenario from reoccurring, but I am wondering if we will be able to maintain open and free elections over the zeal of some states to ensure their party wins all elections.

Eric Larsen

Lake Havasu City


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And your different. I think not!!!


Nothing to see here. Republicans have cheated for decades because they know if "just anyone" was allowed to vote they could never win an election and it's getting worse.

Republicans continue to lie – without proof – that the 2020 election was rife with fraudulent ballots, many from undocumented immigrants. Over the past six weeks they’ve introduced 250 bills in 43 states designed to make it harder for people to vote– especially the young, the poor, Black people, and Hispanic-Americans – by eliminating mail-in ballots, reducing times for voting, decreasing the number of drop-off boxes, demanding proof of citizenship, even making it a crime to give water to people waiting in line to vote.

To stop this, Democrats are trying to enact a sweeping voting rights bill called the For the People Act, which protects voting, ends partisan gerrymandering, and keeps dark money out of elections. It already passed the House but Republicans in the Senate are fighting it with more lies.

Texas Republican senator Ted Cruz, the Canadian born son of a Cuban Communist, lied when he claimed the new bill would register millions of undocumented immigrants to vote and accused Democrats of wanting the most violent criminals to cast ballots too.

The core message of the Republican party now consists of lies about a “crisis” of violent immigrants crossing the border, lies that they’re voting illegally, and blatantly anti-democratic restrictions on voting to counter these trumped-up crises.

The party that once championed lower taxes, smaller government, states’ rights and a strong national defense now has more in common with anti-democratic regimes and racist-nationalist political movements around the world than with America’s avowed ideals of democracy, rule of law, and human rights.


You have got to be kidding? Seriously?? This is just delusional! Stop posting this BS, no one in their right mind believes any of this. Good God!


Migrant encounters up 71% in March as Biden administration grapples with border. This is an article taken from the AZ Republic, Phoenix, a highly liberal city. True or False?

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