Editor: We’ve all are aware of a young congresswoman from New York City.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aka AOC & Sandy who will probably be a presidential candidate when she’s old enough.

With the comments she spews on a weekly basis it hard to believe she’s a college grad, but she does have a degree in economics from BC. She knows nothing about politics, her Twitter cooking shows are a political joke and yet today, I realized what AOC really stood for...Another Obnoxious Comment.

Frank J. Smith

Lake Havasu City


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Frank is right on the money.

BoneSpurs McPantsLoad

Frank, to be clear, your angst about AOC at the same time trump is inciting lawlessness and attacks on our democracy, is not about a difference of political opinion. We've gotten through that before. The urgent issue for our country at this moment is about a fundamental difference in morality, integrity, decency and trump, a person who exemplifies none of those things. It’s folks like you, Frank, that decided trump and his ilk best represents the character and the values of this country. It’s folks like you, Frank, that decided trump best represents YOUR character and YOUR values. If accepting that facts are facts, and the results of a free and fair election causes division between me and another person, it is because that person won’t accept reality and doesn’t believe in our democracy. Until that person changes, there will be no healing or overcoming division. It is not up to me to discard the rule of law, democracy, and facts to appease people like you.


Sorry BLM, Frank is 100% on point.

Comment deleted.

Sad to see you have the same memory problem day after day, even when it's been explained to you numerous times. I will explain it AGAIN, BLM is your initials, hence it's you. There, I can't explain it any easier.


You poor thing with that little voice in your head, "BLM." Why you keep insisting that is me will forever be a mystery, but when it comes to you gummy addicts there is no telling what hallucinations you might have. There, I can't explain your fantasies any easier.

Comment deleted.
Vince Gors

WOW!! What a Come Back Response[rolleyes]

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