Editor: Kandi Finfrock has had several great letters published over the last six months. I noticed Kandi’s use of words from the Magna Carta, the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence, the multiple English Bill of Rights documents, and from our Constitution—the document that made us a Constitutional Republic instead of a ‘hated’ democracy — thank you, Miss Kandi, for your excellent letters. And Kandi, you have an honorable ancient surname going back five centuries — you should be proud in the way you are upholding it. Speaking of the Constitution, I teach an adult Constitution class twice a year — the four hour class has been halted by the coronavirus, although it will be started up again in February. I did give presentations to our high school on ‘why you should hire’ into an intel organization — those have been halted because of the virus.

And the way our Arizona government is giving orders and restricting freedom reminds me of Kristallnacht, (Crystal Night or the Night of Broken Glass—November 9, 1938— Hitler’s “Brown Shirts” attacked business people and property in general.

The burning scenes in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, NYC, etc. reminded me of that — I was only eight years old, but I remember — it was frightening to a little kid.

Please remember, der Führer headed the Socialist party in Germany — the Democrats in America are going swiftly down that same road — I watched parts of the House proceedings yesterday. Scary!

Fred Barber

Lake Havasu City


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Fred, thank you. Yes, Kandi is a multi-talented writer. Smart and to the point. Havasu is blessed to have Kandi share her truthful comments.


Fred, defending Kandi really demonstrates just what a misguided soul you are. And why you fools keep whining about the BLM protests is a mystery. Yes, the outcome of those protests was, in many ways, a failure on the part of authorities.

Now we have an actual Kristallnacht, where a maniacal fascist fool stirred his domestic terrorist morons to march on our nations capitol where they ransacked and damaged the seat of our government, injured and killed Americans in an attempt to overthrow our democratic process of the transition of power. Now we have the words of the moron on tape and hundreds of hours of videos of the perpetrators who are being identified and arrested. It would seem that what is taking place – including the second impeachment of the fascist – is exactly what you would want. In other words, take action against the domestic terrorists.


Hey Fred, how come all the Nazis I see are supporting tRUMP and showing up at his rallies if the democrats are, as you say, following the Fuhrer? Your logic doesn't seem to hold up to the facts that we can see with our own eyes...

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