Editor: The earliest American school violence was the ‘Pontiac’s Rebellion’ massacre on July 26, 1764, whereby four Lenape Indians entered a schoolhouse and killed all the children — they mostly used tomahawks and knives.

Last year 2,900 children died from gun violence and another 11,000 were shot and injured. Firearms are the second leading cause of the death of schoolchildren—car crashes are first by far! The school shootings since the Civil Rights Acts of 1964-5 were very slow at first but these numbers are speedily increasing each year.

The First Amendment contains words about the government’s relationship to religion — the Establishment Clause states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” This was written for Congress — the Founding Fathers forbid Congress to make ‘religious’ laws — they were to stay ‘out of it. They did until 1964-1965.There was no reason to take prayer out of the government’s public school system.

In a study of school shootings conducted by the Department of Education, 93 percent of school shooters planned the attack in advance. In four out of five school shootings, at least one person had knowledge of the attacker’s plans, but did not report it.

Another study found that 77 percent of active shooters spent at least a week planning their attack — all attackers made threatening communications, and more than 75 percent elicited data from others prior to carrying out their attacks — ‘warning signs’ were present several weeks before the shootings.

The year 2018 had the most school shootings — Homeland Security research shows that if we “know the signs” of gun violence, we can prevent it and reverse the trend.

My question — why has there been such a large increase in School shootings since 1964-65 Acts?

The answer — “they” took God out of all government public schools and in our 14 Territories. If you ask a young person in our public schools about God and His Son Jesus — you will most often get a “deer in the headlights look”.

Fred Barber

Lake Havasu City


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Back in the 1950s and 60s when I went to school in a small farming town, except for the "under God" part of saying the Pledge of Allegiance, there was no God or Jesus mentioned during our school days, so this complaint about Them being taken out of schools makes no sense to me. Learning about God and Jesus is what Sunday school is for, our public schools have enough on their plates without being responsible for that part of a child's education.


“…’they’ took God out of all government public schools and in our 14 Territories.”

No one, not even the ambiguous “they,” took God out of our schools or anywhere else. According to the “faithful” God is everywhere. When I went to school, beginning in 1948, God was in every school I ever attended including two universities. What was not in any school I ever attended was a compulsory chanting to one certain God with some goofy “Christian” nonsense. What I did know was God was there – in all forms – to anyone who wished to reach out to Him - quietly.


Public schools are not meant to teach about "God". That task falls to parents and places of worship! You are assuming that the "God" you want taught in public schools would be your Christian "God" but there are other "Gods" with other names of other faiths. If parents want their children to know about "God", it is their responsibility to teach them! Obviously, they don't or won't!

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