Editor: Pickleball courts are very popular in Lake Havasu City, but dogs were here before pickleball. Dick Samp Park has over 10 lights that are on very late at night and tower at least 10 feet up. The dog lovers at Avalon Dog Park would like to have some lights, close to the ground at least, so it would be easier to find the “business” that the dogs produce at night. People frequently complain that people do not pick up after their dog when walking them.

We would like to be responsible pet owners but should not have to bring a flashlight to the park. Summer heat prevents us to bring our dogs early. It is much cooler when the sun has gone completely behind the mountains. We appreciate the new trees, water, green grass and location. It is our spot of paradise in the summer months. The park is a great way to meet new people. But please find in your hearts, Parks and Recreation, to accommodate Avalon Dog Park with some lights!

Genon Mayfield

Lake Havasu City


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