Editor: I’m not even going to begin to name the names of the persons continuously writing letters to the editor to the contrary.

You are legitimate losers! Take down your damn flags and give it up for the sake of democracy.

The assault on the capital is all on your hands as well as the failure of our president. Let me ask you, do you not see the outrageousness of the lies that have been perpetrated regarding the transition of power?

In other words, who do you listen to to try and figure out what’s really going on in the world? Because whoever, or what ever it is it’s completely polluted with crap and you’ve got to get your life going outside of it somehow. Blocking our current president from the social media accounts that he has relied on to propagate lies and distortion of the truth is the best thing that has happened in recent days.

Let’s move on and far away from what we’ve had to deal with for the last four years!

Geoffrey Canfield

Lake Havasu City


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I was not a New England Patriot's fan until now, coach Bill Belichick declined the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Donald Trump, says he has 'great reverence' for democracy. "The tragic events of last week occurred and the decision has been made not to move forward with the award. Above all, I am an American citizen with great reverence for our nation's values, freedom and democracy."


I am also impressed with Bill's stance on the medal of freedom but I am not surprised by it. He has lived a life of teamwork and has shown by his past actions that he puts the greater good before his personal wants. He is a leader.


I agree Geoffrey.

Those of you who worship tRUMP need to get a life, he'll be gone soon and hopefully we can get back to being Americans again.

I realize that some of you have enjoyed having a group to belong to that allows you to tell off color jokes and bully others who are different than you but it's too damaging to our country. Can't you find another group to spend your time with? Maybe a group that does positive things for the community?

I would also like to see the patriotic republicans stand up and speak out about the far-right fringe group that has infiltrated our party, they are pulling us down with them and if we don't start speaking up about decency and true values we won't have a political party to represent us.

And what's the deal with the flags? How insecure do you have to be to need to fly those disgusting tRUMP flags in order to have some kind of an identity?

I love America, the republican party as it was before tRUMP, and Lake Havasu. Let's get over this mess and start being real patriots, not blind followers of tRUMP.




HG, I agree with you about your thoughts of the far right. There is also a far left that is at the same level as the far right. Neither group is good for our country. I also do not support the protest at the capitol and the death of those people. The politicians and media are going nuts over it, but on the other hand how many people died and how much property was destroyed with BLM and ANTIFA protests. How long did the leaders of Portland allow this to go on.

Many of you think a second impeachment is the best for this country. Biden and the

Democratic leaders talk unity. Is this going to do anything to accomplish that? I am afraid that some of the policies that Biden and the Democrats are going to try and advance will do more to divide this country.

Now more than ever term limits are needed. Politicians do not care anymore what is good for the people. They only care what's good for themselves.

I would much rather see our Congress do something more productive the next 7 days that what they are engaged in now.


I truly believe that the majority of Americans do not support the either extreme, Left or Right in our politics. The majority are law abiding, tax paying citizens that appreciate what we have in America. Both political parties used to temper the extreme elements in their parties and worked to find common ground in the middle. I believe that the majority of Americans want that today.

This is not meant as an attack on the republican party (I am a former registered republican), this hyper extremism began in the 1990's when Newt Gingrich instructed his party members to not cooperate or even socialize with their democrat counterparts in Congress. The idea that meeting in the middle was thrown out the window.

This is something you can look into on your own and I am not claiming it is the only reason that our Congress is so dysfunctional today. Crime is crime and anyone committing crimes should and must be held accountable. No one is above the law.


Please do not take my intentions in any way to think that I support the far left, I do not.

I have taken a strong condemnation against tRUMP ever since he referred to the Nazis in Charlottsville as very fine people. Seeing Nazi flags flying at his rallies here in America! My family has a very strong history of fighting against fascists and there is no way I would ignore my responsibility to my family and our country to continue that fight. Once tRUMP is gone I will be able to rest, a little...


HG. This is what Trump really said in Charlottsville.

The post the states that Trump really said, "There were very fine people on both sides, & I'm not talking about the Neo-nazis and white supremacists because they should be condemned totally."

I could find no instance where he said Nazi's were very fine people.

I am in no way defending Trump, but this is just another example of twisting words around to fit a narrative.


It's not a narrative, I watched his reaction and comments that day.

Have you seen the Nazi flags at his rallies? Did you notice the anti-Semite shirts worn just this last week at the Capitol? Shirts that say 6MWE, with the meaning of 6 million wasn't enough in reference to the number of Jews killed by Hitler's machine?


People wear whatever they want at rallies. Trump has no control over that and yet you say nothing about what is worn at other rallies like kill cops, defund the police, all cops are bad, etc. As far as his comments or reactions, that is basically your opinion and you see and hear only what you want. If you hate Trump like you say you do, you see and hear only what you perceive as being negative. If you are a Trump supporter, you see it in an entirely different light.

Me, I don't believe a damn thing from any of the news media outlets.

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