Editor: Kudos to Carolyn Blackmore and Bonnie Jeanfrancois for their well prepared and thought out editorials this past week. With the truth and big-picture look at circumstances we can solve our problems.

If your roof has a leak and you ignore it or deny it exists it can rot your home and it will cost much more to repair. Such is the state of America’s infrastructure. Not just roads and bridges but internet access which has become essential to everyone in school or working. And we need to update our thinking about mental health and anger management. All these deaths by gun, mass shootings and those less than 4 people including suicides are another form of infrastructure rot that American’s desperately need to address. This is culture rot. We are choosing to kill each other by guns instead of talking out our anger issues and appreciating our diversity. This has nothing to do with second amendment rights. It has to do with having a sane population which can thrive and be responsible for their environment, physical and emotional. This is about growing up and expressing our adult side instead of our spoiled child side. It is time to take responsibility for our self indulgent small thinking and time to appreciate long term gratification through constructive problem solving. It is a relief to have an adult at the helm in the White House and a thoughtful Congress to help shape our repairs. Now Congress has to put aside their existential extinction fears that the white race is dying (it’s not dying just shrinking) as the non-white races are increasing in our country. Time to embrace the future with positive constructive ideas instead of fearfully fighting the inevitable.On this Earth Day we can appreciate the diversity in Nature. Know that diversity also exists in human beings and each one of us has something to bless the rest of us with. As adults we owe it to our children, our community, our country and our world to act responsibly.

Holly Dove

Lake Havasu City


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Deplorable Neanderthal

The people I know aren’t afraid of a shrinking white population. They are afraid of policy that takes away our freedom. Like vaccination passports that could limit a person’s ability to come and go freely. Or how about a government and DOJ that allows one side of the pendulum to riot and get bonded out, by groups funded and back by leftist including Kacklin’ Kamala. But when the opposing side of the pendulum riots a rioter is summarily executed and others are jailed without bond. With the current administration and majority in congress it’s a mentality of do it our way or you’re a racist and we’ll get you.


Well said, Holly. Now we can watch as the usual suspects attack and insult you for expressing your opinion.

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