Editor: Could a few or more real Republicans, not Trumpites, please, write letters to the editor with reasonable information on what they want from government. Writers are repeating lies, conspiracy theories and misinformation to create a smokescreen hiding what they want which is to resurrect Hitler. Immature children should not be given the keys to the car. Looking forward to hearing from real Republicans who are truly interested in building America back better. If you don’t know who to be if you are no longer part of the Trump cult, then be who you needed when you were younger. It is better to walk alone than with a crowd going the wrong direction. Refuse to do something permanenty stupid because you or someone you want to protect is temporarily upset. Trump lost. Biden won. Now let’s get on with listening to each other’s needs and concerns. The time is now, so don’t be intimidated by those who want to undermine this country and democracy with childish bullying. Speak up.

Holly Dove

Lake Havasu City


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HavasuGuy and tomgarven , both posts are well said. But, what I appreciate the most is that you got your points across without sarcasm and vile name calling. I’m listening now.




Hi IslandDeb:

I agree that being hateful, dismissive, nasty or condescending doesn't seem to accomplish very much and usually just puts people off. I try my best to find solutions to problems instead of just repeating the problem. I am from an era when men were honorable, no one depended on government for anything other than a help hand when it was the last resort. People helped each other and we never criticized and condemned anyone for their political beliefs. Those beliefs were private and voting was how you brought about change.

Thank you for the kind words and keep working to make our country better.




Don't ask HG because he's not a Republican and never has been.


Hi Holly:

So you would like to hear what a Conservative Liberal would like from government. You know a Conservative that votes for who they believe is best suited for the office regardless if they are a Democrat or Republican or Independent and who supports what I believe would be good for the country and We-The-People. For example I happen to believe that a woman has the right to choose and that an I.d. should be required for voting.

Anything other than that and to ME you become no better than a left leaning Democrat or Trumpites which by the way I think are sort of nasty jabs as some people who happen to believe differently than others but still have very strong opinions. But I am not writing this to vent my hostilities towards any one political party since EVERY political party has both good and not so good persons in that party.

No I happen to think you were serious when you said “what they want from government”. Well my list is quite exhaustive but I will try to limit my list to about two or three things I find really revolting.

1. First of all I want NOTHING from government EXCEPT for them to begin to act in a responsible manner. You know, to correct the horrible mess they have created in our country. According to Real Clear Politics our Congress has an approval rating of 18.7%. Now I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t take a stray sick dog to ANY vet with an approval rating that low and these are the same people we trust and reelect over and over again to write our laws and spend our tax dollars. What is wrong with that picture? How many businesses in Havasu do you think would still be in business next month if they had that type of approval rating. And while Real Clear Politics is a mostly Conservative website the results are based on HUNDRED of surveys of a variety of We-The-People.

So my first wish is for Congress both the Democrat’s and Republican’s to just stop the fighting and get on with fixing America. It is no secret that Nancy Pelosi hates Donald Trump and she will continue to do everything possible to make him out to be the worst president in history which I don’t think is true if you exclude the recent election results and actions. Oh and did I mention that her own approval rating is only 35.6% which is actually less than our current sitting presidents approval rating. If I were Nancy, I would be very careful about who I was throwing stones at.

But as someone who is somewhat Conservative I believe her actions are just mean spirited and will just create more division. To me it serves no real purpose to push for another impeachment unless you believe Trump is not even deserving of his presidential retirement. And if that is the case then I can list a whole bunch of other Members of Congress who are not deserving of their $174,000 salary we are paying them to work for us.

2. Now lets talk for just a minute about our National Debt since depending on your perspective it may or may not be important depending on how well the economy is doing. Today the National Debt Clock says we are well on our way to $27.8 trillion dollars in debt. That is about $62,611 dollars for everyone in America. We need RESPONSIBLE government not a government which gives each American $600 while sending BILLIONS out of the country for something silly like gender studies all while we have thousands of our own people in hospitals with Covid-19 infections. And not only that, there wasn’t even an attempt to determine WHO needed the money. Do millionaires need it – I don’t think so. Do government employees need it - no they have been getting their regular checks all along. Congress has been running our country into the ground for at least the last 16 years or so. And it doesn’t make any difference if it was a Democrat or Republican majority – they are all the same bunch of people who could care less about We-The-People. Just ask the 12,500 lobbyists we allow to run up and down the Hall of Congress handing out money to our legislators for Tax Code favors – you know the 60 or so major corporations like Amazon, Delta Airlines, Chevron and John Deere who pay NO Federal taxes while We-The-People buy their products AND pay their taxes for them. Just how sick is that?

3. And last a short one hopefully. In the early 1950’s our government began the process of shutting down our mental healthcare facilities in this country. As a result of this government activity we now have over 800,000 people living in our society that need mental healthcare. Some commit crimes, some pick up guns, some live on our streets and use the gutters for their bathrooms – you get the picture. And guess how many of these mentally ill people are locked up in our prisons with no care? The Government NO LONGER cares about what happens as long as they can preserve their position in society and get reelected.

And here is another quick hit on why I will NEVER believe government is a solution for ANYTHING. Did you know that if an expectant mother kicks her husband out of the home she gets a bigger welfare check. Just how sick is that – I thought it was a well proven fact that having a fathers in the home was an important aspects of a family.

Have a great day and stay safe.


I agree Tom and I would add, Congress should support a constitutional amendment to institute Term Limits on themselves and the Supreme Court. If it's good for the office of President it will be good for these institutions also. We need to stop the life long jobs in both institutions that are more about pushing their ideology rather than doing what's right for America.

Laws should be enacted to overturn the Supreme Court decision in Citizen's United and remove ALL political lobbyists, special interests and union's abilities to finance politicians to bend the will of the people. This would dismantle the political re-election machine that has been a major source of disinformation and political anger. We need to take the money out of representation and let the American Citizen again have a real voice in our government. As it stands right now, once a politician is in office they immediately begin fund raising to run for re-election for their next term. This distracts from their real purpose - to represent those that elected them. This has created a campaign machine industry that is getting more and more stronger every year. The money spent on political 'hit' commercials alone could be better spent on other needs rather than filling the pockets of wealthy media pockets.

Like you, I don't put much stock on government's ability to be a solution for much so I would like to see State's rights restored to the level that our founders intended. We don't need the federal government telling the states what to do and we don't need the state telling our local communities what to do. If we instill government by the people and for the people I will be encouraged.

Too old for this



Awesome HavasuGuy and I could not have said it better. Now all we need is about 100 million people who believe as we do. Be safe and have a great day.


Now all we need is about 100 million people who believe as we do. Good luck with that :-)

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