Editor: After reading the Today's News-Herald's coverage of our call for LaJuana Gillette to be removed from her Planning and Zoning Commission position, I am reminded why Lake Havasu City is referred to as the “hornets nest” of the Mohave County GOP. Your news outlet was the only one to turn this concerned citizens action into partisan talking points. But now that you have opened Pandora's box, let's dance.

“The browning of America” is a demographically accurate fact, but is used to express concern over losing “white majority.”

“We need to fight for our country and America” expresses fear of immigrants coming to America bringing their culture with them, but failing to “become American.”

“We must stop immigrants from coming here and trying to change us” is the “white nationalist” belief that America is fundamentally a “white, Christian” nation that must be protected to “save our country for our [white Christian] children and grandchildren.”

The “R” that used to stand for party affiliation has evolved from “Republican” to “Racist.” But, it wasn't always this way.

During a 1980 Presidential Forum, Bush referred to “illegal aliens” as “honorable, decent, family-loving people...Good people...Strong people” who “deserve the same things as their neighbors.” Reagan proposed “rather than put up a fence, make it possible for them to come here, with a work permit...and open the border both ways.”

Immigrants are not the problem. The problem is the fear of the “browning of America” and false narrative that America is a “white, Christian nation.” As long as these racist and xenophobic messages remain unchallenged and embedded within the cornucopia of Republican talking points, the voices of concerned citizens speaking up against them will continue to be identified with the Democratic Party, the only party courageous enough to stand against the racism and xenophobia sweeping across this great Nation.

J’aime Morgaine



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Thank you J’aime Morgaine for articulating a lot of our thoughts out here in the real America that truly love this great nation!


Well said and accurate. And now cue the whiners.

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