Editor: It is once again, “we hate snowbirds” season. I have long taken issue with those who are so discriminate with the winter visitors. This winter visitor owns a house so I pay property taxes. I also have to pay for sewer and water all year round here or not which helps the locals keep their bills a bit lower. I pay sales tax on many items that I may not have to at home. I pay an electric bill for 12 months. I read the local paper in hand, not online. I frequent all stores since I must eat and keep clothed.

I will probably not be taking your vaccine from you since the list is long and the guidelines are such that the timelines will not work for us here. If you were to see me at the store, would you really be able to tell if I am “local” or not? Doubt it, since I look a lot like anybody else. I probably do more community events than you do and pick up more trash and litter as well. If you look around and actually look, there are many local people who don’t obey simple driving rules. Blinkers must not exist in cars from Arizona nor does the four-way stop concept come easy. I would hope that if you choose to go somewhere cooler in the summer that you would be treated with respect as well because I’m sure there aren’t any people here that head north for a bit when the temps are so high. I’m not a bad person. Just one that worked hard my whole life and just want to enjoy the rest of it.

Jack Schwartz

Lake Havasu City


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B.B. I too am a wintertime visitor to this great city .We have alway's adhered to being respectful to others as we are guests not locals .however I must take issue with your comment in regard to blinker use .Believe it or not it is a lawful requirement for their use and I might add a significant safety issue. It indicates your intent as to what direction you are heading .Lets reduce these disparaging comments .


You sound like a good man there Jack. Undoubtedly a Republican.


I'll take a snow bird any day over the dodo bird, otherwise known as the california nuisance bird.


I will take the quiet winter visitors over our summer visitors any day. They are respectful, don't trash our lake, and by far are more pleasant.




I will take the quite winter visitors over the


Only small-minded people single out a group to demean them. Ignore the ignorant and enjoy your freedom to live wherever you want to and whenever you want to. I'm a fulltime resident that welcomes and enjoys our part-time residents.




Mr. Schwartz, your points are spot on. I have always preferred the winter visitors because they are not as rude or noisy as the summer visitors. I hike several times a week, and I see a lot more trash once it starts heating up and the snowbirds leave. And, they don't float through the Channel with loud music blaring out m-f this and m-f that and other assorted forms of the f bomb for the world's enjoyment. I'm sure that there are some winter visitors who are less than polite, but in the nearly nine years I've been here, I've yet to encounter any. Of course, this town wouldn't exist without visitors year round, but 10,000 or so folks coming to spend months and money here every year without fouling up the place should earn them some consideration and a measure of respect.


You can say I'm a winter visitor also as I spend my summers in a cooler state. We moved here 10 years ago and am fortunate enough to be able to afford a summer residence in MN on a lake that I do take advantage of. I enjoy me time here as a resident and also now as a summer bird in MN.


Yes, I agree and as a full-time resident I appreciate our winter visitors and the good they provide our community. Oh and that blinker thing? It's none of your business where they are going.

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