Editor: Fred Barber (March 30) again insists on categorizing the facist totalitarian regimes of Hitler and Mussolini as Socialist and even identifies the anti-Jewish Nazi riot known as Krystal Nacht as “German left wing.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

I have previously detailed the fact that Hitler and socialism were like oil and water. He hated the old socialist government (Weimar Republic), outlawed the party immediately after taking office in 1933 and incarcerated the socialists in his first concentration camps. Let’s concentrate on Mussolini’s Italy, which Barber calls “Left Wing.” It is true that at one time Mussolini considered himself a socialist. In 1912 he was actually one of the directors of the Italian Socialist Party, the PSI, but was soon expelled from the party because of his militaristic views. He denounced the party and the socialists and after WW1 founded the right wing Nationalist Fascist Party in 1922.

He then proceeded to remove all opposition political parties including the Socialists from the Italian scene. Mussolini’s right wing fascist party became the model for Hitler’s Nazis. To equate the Fascist regimes of Hitler and Mussolini with the political ups and downs of our great country as Barber does is about as far fetched as one can imagine. Yes, it might be true that Donald Trump wanted to become a Hitler but thankfully, our Republic prevailed.

James Koehler

Lake Havasu City


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Liberal narrative at its finest! “Hitler!” The dictator, created his socialist party! It’s that simple. You fools that continue to create a picture that he wasn’t a socialist scumbag is only in fear that those sheep following will wake up! This new American socialist party that is being created are lying, cheating no good quacks attempting to create their “America!” Erase our history open the boarders and literally demolish all that is good!

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And there it is again! Pretty sure we all got the message. You may want to count yourself in as one of the insulters.


Uh, oh - FACTS! Hang on, James, the usual fools will now attack and insult you for bombarding them with FACTS!



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