OK, look we started off with one whistleblower in the Donald Trump impeachment inquisition, excuse me, inquiry, but he or she is in hiding and keeping quiet about his or her reported association with one of the Democratic candidates for president.

There is another problem, and that is that this person knew nothing first-hand, just second- or third-hand through the grace of gabby intelligence agency buddies.

Ah, but now we have a second concealed whistleblower, someone whose whistle adds little new except that he/she got all of his/her info pretty much first-hand. This person is also a trusted intelligence agency operative who figured White House secrets were headline-worthy abominations, summoned up the gall to speak out and poked my ambitions. I hereby announce I am the third whistleblower, someone who is not breaking his word to anybody, whose identity is proclaimed at the top of the column, who has informants in the dozens, is politically neutral when asleep in bed and is not beholden to unintelligent intelligence agencies.

Maybe you are among those thinking it unpatriotic to criticize intelligence agencies, but take a look at John Brennan, a current TV hack, former CIA director and holder of other resume victories in his campaign to denigrate the republic. One act especially stands out. The Senate was investigating the CIA’s enhanced interrogation of terrorists, also called “torture” by some, and the CIA spied on the Senate. He denied it, but there was later testimony that he actually supervised it. There’s no smoking gun here, just a mushroom cloud revealing him as more threatening to national principles than Trump, once piously identified by him as treasonous.

Anyway, it’s not as if he had nothing to do with the start of the collapsed Russian-collusion probe, and there’s now this unproved tale about Trump doing something almost as bad as what the Hillary Clinton campaign did in its law firm indirectly paying a former British spy for a bunch of phony Russian documents vilifying Trump. As a way of still campaigning, she’s constantly explaining her 2016 defeat without ever looking in a mirror that has so terribly much to share with her, and now, to the joy of Republicans, she is hinting at running again.

Even though I am not an intelligence agent illegally leaking classified materials to reporters, I get much of my second-hand information from these reporters’ stories, knowing that leaks can lead to a flood of sensation and fun mixed with depression. Even without leaks, however, I learned that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wasn’t feeling democratic enough to have the whole House vote on the inquiry. She ordered it herself, weakening its legitimacy while Rep. Adam Schiff, the Democratic emcee of this show, is keeping embarrassing hearings and truth secret even as he whines that the Trump White House is the zipped-lips villain.

The big accusation, of course, is that Trump called the president of Ukraine to get dirt on a possible political opponent in 2020, Joe Biden. It is far from clear that Trump committed a crime here. It is clear that, as vice president, Biden was caught up in an unmistakable conflict of interest and maybe that’s why he wants Trump impeached. The majority of Americans right now also want Trump impeached and I suspect their reason is more general than specific, that they see him unfit, lying, shallow, ignorant, vulgar, thoughtless and worse.

My view is that this impeachment process is flimsy emotion instead of studied patriotism and that the right thing is for Congress to let the people decide what happens to Trump in the 2020 election and zero in on issues having to do with such things as life and death. As for me, someone who has gone through no bureaucratic process and is more discouraged every day, I now quit as the third whistleblower.

Jay Ambrose is an op-ed columnist for Tribune News Service. Readers may email him at speaktojay@aol.com.


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Things did not going well for the lying, draft-dodging, racist, coward last week -

1) A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit upheld a lower court decision, ruling that Congress can see eight years of Trump’s business records held by his accounting firm, Mazars USA. The House Oversight Committee had subpoenaed the records after the president’s former lawyer Michael Cohen (currently in jail) testified Trump had exaggerated his wealth when applying for loans, which is a crime.

2) U.S. District Court Judge George Daniels of the Southern District of New York issued a nationwide injunction blocking a Trump administration rule set to take effect next week that would have made it easier to deny green cards and visas to immigrants who cannot show they will not require public assistance. After the administration announced the new rule, nearly a dozen states filed suit to block it.

3) U.S. District Court Judge David Briones, in the Western District of Texas, ruled that the declaration of a national emergency under which Trump diverted funds from other agencies to construct a Mexico border wall was unlawful. The decision found the law “expressly forbids” a president from using money allocated by Congress for any other purpose than was originally set forth.


[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] YES! Things are going well for America now!!!


Thanks to President Trump.


Really, Simple? Please explain or defend these points - THINGS THAT HAVE GONE UP UNDER TRUMP:

Budget deficit - Civilian casualties - Conflicts of interest - Executive orders -

False/misleading claims - Family separations - Farmer bankruptcies - Golf outings

GHG emissions - Hate crimes - Healthcare costs – homelessness - Household debt

Individual tax burden - Mass shootings - Migrant child deaths - National debt

Percent of people living paycheck-to-paycheck - Recession fears - Retaliatory tariffs

Taliban control - Tax expenditures - Trade deficit - Travel costs - Turnover rate

Uninsured rate - US corruption - US disapproval - Vacant/acting positions - "Wealthfare"

bob b

This is evidence of what happens when Judges are allowed to rule based on their personal political persuasions instead of the law. I hope that you never try to quote a decision made by the 9th Circuit!

Most of the things that you list below as being an indicator of Trump's failings could easily have been said about the last President. You remember him, right? National debt increased more than all 43 Presidents before him...combined! Healthcare up! Executive Orders were how he governed, so Trump is not breaking new ground here.

Give the man a break until the elections. You, and your party, are just wasting the taxpayer's dollars with these stupid partisan investigations and inquiries. You have decided that Trump does not deserve any of the Constitutional protections that you would demand if it were you in their cross-hairs.

Try running an ethical candidate and see if you can't somehow manage to win the next election.


This is what happens when idiots believe the trash they hear from FAUX News, Rush Limpballs, Alex Jones and all of the other right-wing shouting head morons, “National debt increased more than all 43 Presidents before him...combined!” Now for the thing fools hate more than anything – the facts “The irony of this claim is that, while it’s intended to pin Obama as a fiscally-irresponsible President who spent the US economy into oblivion, the deficit was actually reduced during his time in office (meaning the government was generating more revenue than it was spending). (http://www.factandmyth.com/deficit-and-debt/obama-raised-debt-spending-presidents-combined).

I love how DOTs completely ignore each and every day more and more corruption charges are coming to light for the lying, draft-dodging, racist, low-life currently squatting in our White House.


Poor Simple? Not so according to my tax attorneys.


Your "tax attorneys," Simple? More of those invisible people like Bob, Fred and Jill who talk to you? You're a funny guy, Simple, really funny.

Now let’s have a lesson in word definition – A few definitions of poor - 2a : less than adequate (In your case brains) - b : small in worth (you) - 3 : exciting pity “you poor thing” (again, you) - 4a : inferior in quality or value (yep, you again) 8 : lacking a normal or adequate supply of something specified (once again in your case, brains)


My view is that this impeachment process is flimsy emotion instead of studied patriotism and that the right thing is for Congress to let the people decide what happens to Trump in the 2020 election and zero in on issues having to do with such things as life and death. As for me, someone who has gone through no bureaucratic process and is more discouraged every day, I now quit as the third whistleblower.

Thank you Jay!


Poor Simple is in for a major awakening as each day more and more corruption by the liar-in-chief surfaces.

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