Editor:We have such a big division in our country and it seems the Democrats just don’t know or just chose to ignore facts. Unfortunately our media (mainstream) give no real facts so most of their viewers don’t know. Even when they’re doing research Google, the main search engine is run by Democrats so mainly all facts, or so-called facts, are left out if it hurts the Democrats. So I guess you can’t blame the Democrats because they don’t know facts. Democrats still think Trump was influenced by Russia only because their media CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, Etc. hasn’t reported it yet. Imagine if president Trump’s son was the one with the laptop Hunter Biden had, do you honestly think mainstream media would have hidden that during an election? Of course they wouldn’t.

Jerry Courtney


(3) comments

Havasu Guy

Republican darling George Santos!!!

Kevin Murphy

Guess praising Putin in front of the world and telling them he believes Putin over his own intelligence agency is not enough.

Nice Try

Hilarious. From the party who can't accept 64 lost court cases...

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