Editor: I got a kick out of Mr. Warner’s recent letter to the editor blaming the Democrat-controlled Supreme Court for Trump’s loss. Ahem. Aren’t six of the nine Justices labeled as conservatives? And weren’t three appointed by Trump? Maybe Trump appointed the wrong judges? No. Not possible. Trump does not make mistakes. He has said so several times. No matter how much you may hate the idea, it is time to admit that Joe Biden is the President. He won. Over 60 courts of law have said that there was no evidence to overturn the election. How about turning all that negative energy into something positive? You don’t need to like our president. Just accept the fact and get on with your life instead of abscessing about Trump. Go play some golf. That is what our former President is doing.

Jim Rosensweet

Lake Havasu City


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Yup, Jim you’all got what you voted for! Let see, open boarders, Central American invasion, “kids in cages”, tax hikes, exploding gas prices, trillions more in National Debt, energy dependence on Middle East Arabs, a giggling school girl as “shadow president”, a crotchety senile 78 year old bumbling fool to prop up behind a podium who can’t speak with out “crib notes”, teleprompter, and photos to identify who he’s speaking too. A man whose biggest challenge, 3 month in, has been navigating the boarding ladder to Air Force One! A cabinet s stocked full of lefty loons and a Defense Seceretary known as “that guy, who runs that place over there”! Yup, it’s going to get real interesting in the next two years? Not to worry, we’ll still have BB aka rovR our local expert on all thing “Route 66” and HavasuGuy [batman] his moronic side kick entertaining us in the pages of the “Today’s News Herald”! Ain’t life wonderful? [thumbup][tongue][whistling] Deaton


I wasn't sure you could be more boring but.............yes, you can!


Oh my, Jim, you are now going to face the grade-three ire of the usual suspects. Hang on!


He`s a fool like you Blob!


And he speaks from his Throne! With a full heart of discontent and hatred. Do they pay you to be obnoxious? If so at least I would understand why you're the way you are, otherwise, I guess it's lack of mothers milk?

Deplorable Neanderthal

Bigbob/hwyrovr the hate monger of Havasu has spoken.



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