Editor: A bit late but I have a suggestion for the City Council on how to spend the windfall from the federal Government.

Streets and water. Some of our streets are buried so deep in chips that the covers for the sewer and water valves are several inches below the pavement.

Dangerous for bike riders (like me) and walkers. I know we live in the Old West but do we need dirt streets? Water leaks in the streets are another problem that keeps city crews busy.

We need to do as much as possible to conserve water with restrictions that are coming soon.

Do not use the money to hire. These jobs will remain long after the grant money runs out. Use grant money to buy things that will last. Streets. Water lines. Fire trucks. Police cars. Heavy equipment to maintain streets and parks.

This is a lesson I was taught many years ago while serving on the City Council. And one last thought. Is it too late to rethink the city transit system?

From what I read it sounds like the same set-up that has failed before.

Jim Rosensweet

Lake Havasu City


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