Editor: I am amazed at how Ms. Finfrock’s blind faith in the Trump narrative of a stolen election and the sky is falling. She loves all the buzz words like liberal media, socialism, and progressive. Her only truth is that what she likes on Twitter, Facebook and from a multibillionaire owner of Fox News.

Just what is the different between the Trump or Biden White House? Trump promised to fund infrastructure and clear the swamp and is instead used red ink to cut taxes. He was going to fix healthcare and got no where because his proposals hurt too many people. Too many people are still dying from the virus because of Trump’s inability to put the proper national approach to the problem.

She cites Venezuela as an example of socialism and it is far from that. I spent a couple of years there and in fact it has always been a country of haves and have nots. The poor cannot win because of wholesale corruption on one hand and fear of the military, regular police and secrete police. I have seen streets empty in seconds when the black-shirts roar by on the motorbikes. I have had to pay bribes. I have been bullied by police.

The only socialism has been government control of the oil industry so it could be looted by those in power. In the beginning the oil did help by subsidizing imports and keeping down prices. The smart people figure out how to get most of the subsidies. The current regime got into power with a promise to improve lives of the poor. The temptations of corruption, and the fact that you cannot deliver on promises without money has lead to worsening of an already fragile economy.

Perhaps Cuba and China are better role models of socialism — a doctrine that says the guy at the top gets to make the rules. If they do it right, most people accept the idea that what came before them was even worse.

Jim Steward

Lake Havasu City


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Jim has no point! He continues with his narrative, none of these fools ever have a point! it’s their socialism! Not even socialist understand, what true socialism really truly is. All they believe is that, everyone is equal! Everyone does the same work and puts in the same time and efforts! It’s a joke! Socialism is a joke and most people who believe in socialism are lazy, no good individuals that believe they deserve more for doing less!


Jim and your point is.


Good job, Jim. Sadly some of the local dim-bulbs, who truly do not understand socialism, will most likely take you to task because you "got it wrong."


This is, sadly, typical of the thinking of what is wrong with this country today. What's important to me is that socialism ISNT what THIS country has always represented and I want it to stay that way. When a person needs to ask the question:. "Just what is the difference between the Trump and Biden White House" then that person is truly blinded by the current admins dumbing down of America. Come on 2022 and 2024!!


Couldn't find an edit option so will just add...when one describes the difference of the Trump vs Biden White House as has been done here, is a prime example of what's wrong with our country today.

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