Editor: Thank you for finally speaking out against Suddenlink, but, it does not go far enough. If I complain about the slow internet, they will send a tech out to test the equipment in the morning when demand is low to prove that speeds are normal.

Then they bill you for the service, since it was an unnecessary callout. I find that both Frontier and Suddenlink often sneak in extra charges if you have autopay. Downloading of all the programming of TV content is the problem and that can be really slow. Suddenlink needs more equipment to handle peak demand. We also need fiber optic cables and 5G prioritizes at the state and county level.

I have a similar complaint against the company that provides free to air transmissions in Lake Havasu area. I do not think that I have ever seen all the channels working at the same time for more than a day or two. I can see the hills where transmitting antenna is located from my roof.

I have a 50 mile antenna range 20 feet above my roof and it is less than 10 miles from me to the transmission tower. I also have a amplifier just below the antenna to insure a good signal in my TV. The first two times I complained I got very little satisfaction.

Finally, the boss had two men working on the transmission equipment and he tested all of my signals at my TV and I got good reception on every station. A day or so later, thinks start going bad again, someone else complained and now things are slightly better.

I appreciate the counties and state for ensuring that free to air is available to almost everyone. The problem seems to be that at the county level, there is no one qualified to insure that the contractor is doing a good job, so, they rely of the public to police the system. The county should hire a consulting firm to review the systems in place around the county and write a specification that ensures good service for all.

I think that the transmit power needs to increase as we expand outward. Stability of the system must be improved so that wind does not knock it out every few days. At least once every month the contractor must submit a report on measurements of signal strength for each channel throughout the county. The company supervisor also described having eight towers between here and Phoenix to relay the TV signals. That could be easily transmitted via cable or fiber optics. The equipment to measure the quality of the system at different places around is affordable. It would not take a great deal for the county to equip one of its vehicles to do spot check of the system from time to time.

Jim Steward

Lake Havasu City


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