Editor: I get that some voters are put off by President Trump’s “straight-talk” style, but what’s, worse for America: a straight-talking president or a Democrat Party whose style is: “tell them what they want to hear and win at any cost?" A bridge too far, you say? Re-examine the Dems' past 3 1/2 years; be objective, don’t cop-out claiming both parties “play to win”…. even Watergate wasn’t treasonous!

Every election cycle we hear: “this is the most important election of our lifetime;” with Dems' “win at any cost” strategy, actually this is the most important election!

Imagine an entire country of Democrat controlled bankrupt lawless sanctuary cities, like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, L.A, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Seattle, etc.?

Taxes rise, business’s leave, amnesty zones, homeless encampments and abortion clinics pop up, while statues and religious symbols go down.

Fact: “the Dems' track record confirms they have zero interest in DACA/election/immigration/ police or health care reform; these are merely strategic election wedge issue promises that never have and never will come to fruition”!

Jim Totcke

Lake Havasu City


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Straight talk!? Open mouth, change feet! Last nights Town Hall had "small hands" letting loose with all those facts and figures, digging deep and sharing minutia to enlighten and impress the blockheads that hang and cheer on his every word. Let it be told, Osama Bin-Laden is not dead, our Navy Seals killed a body double and then the Seals were killed to prevent disclosure, 85% of those infected by COVID-19 wore masks, while 35 states are surging COVID-45 claims we are "rounding the corner" on the virus, just an unbelievable hour long voyage of lies, tales, misinformation and contentious remarks. How can his followers even attempt to rationalize his trash talk and stand-up for this clown? Sorry Jim T., you are like the others in his base and lost in the "Twilight Zone"!




Jim, thank you!


Thank you Jim.


For what? Making a fool out of himself?


Jim, you forgot to add, Obama's going to take our guns!


Great letter, Jim!


I have to agree. That is greatest collection on nonsensical trash to appear here since the days of "can of corn."


Lil bOb I just see your hard working Blue collar Father as Jackie Gleason talking to his son you the more slop you post.



Who is "Lil bOb?" And how do you know anything about his father?


Once again let's take a look at what we have won under Typhoid Donny's reign of error -

1) Highest national debt;

2) Most convicted team members;

3) Most pandemic infections in world history.

4) Use of military troops against citizens of the United States.

5) American’s being banned from traveling to Europe.

6) The deaths of more 216,000 Americans due to the trump virus.

7) Most disastrous drop in GDP in our nation's history.

Vote blue in order to flush the turd on November third!

Vince Gors

Making Great Again =2020 Forward!! The Future Is BRIGHT!![cool]


HI, Vince! Good to see you as goofy as usual.

Just a quick question - on the 9th you posted the following, "Dawn, do you have a CLUE how obama used to "HANG" with? Please let me know if you don't and I'll Clue you in. We can then Compare notes on Who is an AMERICAN and who is a Radical,Scary,Dangerous Anti-America, who needs to be exterminated from our Society. Yes I did mean Exterminated. He is "TRASH" and I do hope you know the Real Deal on his Mate?"

I asked you to "clue" us all in with the dirt you have on President Obama. When can we expect you to "clue" us in? We're waiting.

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