Editor: I hosted our ever growing family this past week for four days of Thanksgiving celebration. I lamented over the political division within my family, and I feared the worst! I was sure that my Trump-loving parents or my MAGA son would bring me to my brink, and Thanksgiving would be ruined. I have had all of them blocked on Facebook, as I cant stomach their political posts. That being said, I prayed for inner strength, and I drank my fair share of wine.

We all behaved nicely, and steered clear of most political subjects, minus the conversation with my son in law, where assault rifles and schools came up — I’m a fan of limiting the sales of assault rifles, and he thinks everyone should have one!

That ended with me saying that “ I regretted paying for their wedding, but looked forward to paying for my daughter’s next wedding, to her future husband.” That being said, family and politics don’t have to be ugly! However, my favorite part of the holiday was the obligatory family walk, following the Thanksgiving feast, when my elderly Dad asked if I had a hat he could wear? I happily gave him my red ball cap. He wore it proudly, unaware of the text written across the front, which stated “I MISS OBAMA!”

Joe Thomas

Lake Havasu City


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Dawn King

Thank you for your letter, Joe. It gave us a much needed laugh this morning!

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