Editor: I read the article in a recent News0Herald regarding the Arizona Senate’s audit of this year’s Presidential Election. I noted that the Republican Senate members hired a right wing conspiracy based company called Cyber Ninjas, a company that claims it can’t allow the public to know how it counts or handles the ballots (due to trade secrets ). On top of that, the Senate members want immunity from any legal ramifications for illegality of said handling of these ballots. In addition the senate is asking that all results of this recount not be made available to the public. The very same public (that’s us, folks) who will be paying for this audit. Talk about ludicrous and a waste of public resources! This is another black eye for Arizona Republicans!

I say make Kelli Ward, Paul Gosar and the rest of these right wing obstructionists pay for this recount!

Joe Thomas

Lake Havasu City


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Joe - Don't worry, there is a bipartisan group currently talking to lawyers about suing to require that the republican party and Chemtrails Kelli, who pushed this audit, will be will be held financially responsible to pay for it.

The rift within the Arizona Republican Party is growing bigger. I warned about this happening over 3 years ago and some of you didn't believe me, you can't ignore it now. I said then that if we didn't stick to our principles the party would be damaged and the democrats would gain power...


To virtually no one’s surprise – well except for a few million morons lied to incessantly by a twice-impeached loser – major incidents of voter fraud DO NOT actually exist. Following many months of intense investigation by the Washington Post there have been sixteen (16, that’s 16, get it? 16!) incidents of individual voter fraud and no (that would be NONE, ZERO. “0”) examples of any coordinated efforts at systemic voter fraud.

The sixteen (16, that’s 16, get it? 16!) incidents include the following:

A man named Ralph Thurman walked into Sugartown Elementary School in Malvern, Pa., He asked if he could vote for his son and was told he couldn’t. Forty-five minutes later, Thurman wearing sunglasses, claimed to be his son and asked for a ballot.

A man and woman from Austin. TX who tried to vote in Illinois by claiming residence in that state. It’s not clear whether they obtained ballots.

A man in Lisle, Ill., who signed a ballot certification with someone else’s name.

A man in Carol Stream, Ill., who filled out an online ballot application for someone who shared his last name. It’s not clear whether the ballot was provided.

A woman in Naperville, Ill., who signed a ballot certification with someone else’s name.

A woman in Buckingham, Pa., who signed a ballot declaration for her dead mother.

A woman in Quakertown, Pa., who claims to have accidentally mailed a ballot for her mother after she died.

A woman from Milford, Maine, who reported herself for voting twice, once by absentee at home and once in person at college.

A woman from Bowdoinham, Maine, who voted with an absentee ballot for a former roommate.

A woman in Cedarburg, Wis., who submitted a ballot for a dead person.

A man in Stockton, N.J., who submitted a ballot for a dead person.

A man in Carteret, N.J., who voted twice with different names.

A man in Woodbridge, N.J., who registered at his business instead of his home.

A man from Media, Pa., who to casting a ballot for his dead mother.

A man from Canton, Mich., who admitted to filling out his daughter’s ballot when she was at college.

You’ll notice none of these incident’s hints at some deeper conspiracy. There’s no allegation any of these people cast hundreds of ballots for their preferred candidates. It’s not the case that all of these ballots were necessarily cast for Joe Biden. The man from Media, Pa., voted for Trump, however, in most cases, it’s not clear for whom the vote was intended.

Now will one of you Republican brain-surgeons please explain why you are costing the taxpayers a fortune nullifying the 2020 ballots in the Coliseum?


The good news for Republicans is that officials found an instance of one voter trying to commit election fraud in Pennsylvania.

The bad news for Republicans is, the criminal was a Trump voter -- who got caught.


Actually, Philadelphia shut down the counting at 10:00 when Trump was ahead and when they began again, Biden was leading. Only two counties in PA voted for Biden, the rest (63) voted for Trump. No voter fraud here, huh?


The good news for Republicans is that officials found an instance of one voter trying to commit election fraud in Pennsylvania.

The bad news for Republicans is, the criminal was a Trump voter -- who got caught.


Keep it up !


Well said, Joe, and I agree with making Chemtrails Kelli and White Supremacist Gosar pay.

To repeat -

The firm has no experience conducting official election recounts and unsuccessfully tried to keep its procedures for the recount under seal by claiming they were “trade secrets,” an argument that a judge didn’t buy. Meanwhile, the state Senate is only allowing one local reporter at a time to attend the recount in person, relegating them to bleachers high above the floor where the actual counting is taking place — but allowing far-right conspiracy network One America News to livestream the event. The procedures and circumstances are so murky that a group of national voting rights organizations sent a letter to the Justice Department urging them to send federal monitors to observe the recount, warning that the ballots are “in imminent danger of being stolen, defaced, or irretrievably damaged.”

I can’t overstate how dangerous this is. We’re nearly half a year removed from the 2020 election, and Trump and his allies in state Republican legislatures are still doubling down on the big lie that the election was stolen. Republican secretaries of state have warned that this will have devastating, long-lasting consequences for our elections if such partisan vote counts become the norm. We may have defeated Trump, but his legacy is still a very real threat


Defamation is a serious accusation. Once again, you may want to tone the rhetoric down. I would not suggest that Trump run again...he's too old. Just as Biden is far past his productive years. As for Kelli Ward, she needs to go, and Gosar is elected, if you don't like him vote! Problem solved!

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