Editor: When I moved to Lake Havasu in 2011 I had a strong feeling this is where God wanted me to live. I love Lake Havasu. God does too. Every person is valuable to God.

When I was in school we had fire drills. California, earthquake drills. Workplace drills. Drills are there to help us in an emergency.

A few weeks ago I was crossing a street. I could have been harmed by someone on the other side. I prayed and just like that a Sheriff vehicle was right by my side and stayed with me until I was safe.

In 1972, my dad had a stroke. A police officer was there in time to save his life. My dad died in 1976. For years, I wanted to thank the officer. I lived in other cities. In 2010, I moved to Parker. I found the police officer. I thanked him so much for saving my dad’s life. About a year later the Police officer passed away. I was so thankful to have had the chance to thank him.

Life is so fragile and short. We are all here just for a little while. The Lord God will bless people with rest and peace if we do right to others. You can go to any fire station and they will take your blood pressure and check your blood sugar. They can help with questions you may have.

I am so proud of our Police, Fire Department, Sheriff, and all those who serve in uniform. They help, protect, save lives and property. They risk their lives every day as they serve in our cities across America.

When police officers, no matter how many, come into your business (NEVER, EVER) ask them to leave for any reason. (First, Always) check out your “complainer.” They may be a criminal that has not been caught yet. Of course they will be nervous. Maybe the person has a problem with authority or attitude problem. Just hope that you never have to call for a break-in or robbery or whatever. In any case the Police, Fire Department and all emergency people are there to help you in this city.

June Merritt

Lake Havasu City


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Although the concept of police and fire protection are socialist in nature I also appreciate having both in our community.

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